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19th Chinese Ming-Ren Yan Huang Cup in Singapore



The 19th Yan Huang Cup, World Ming-Ren Go Invitational Tournament hosted in Singapore for the first time outside China. The event commenced from the 2nd September to 4th September2017 held at popular One Farrer Hotel & Spa.

The event is generously sponsored & supported by the Executive Boss, Dr. Huang Shang Zhe (黄上哲博士) of Singapore MC Packaging (新加坡美特包装集团); Dr. Huang is also the Honourary President of Singapore WeiQi Association.

Yan-Huang Cup was created in 1998 by famous author Jin Yong (金庸), Go-Saint Nie WeiPing (棋圣聂卫), Director of National Tsing Hua University, Seng Chun Shan (沈君山) and World Champion Rin Kaiho (林海峰).

Participants of Yan-Huang Cup are Chinese Elites come from many walks of life such as Politician, Business, Culture & Sport Field and so on.  The event is divided into three groups: YanDi (炎帝), HuangDi (黄帝), YaoDi (尧帝) & ShunDi (舜帝).

Xinwen participated as player while ChaiHui as the leader and representative of Brunei Darussalam Go Association.


MAMA CUP International Go Tournament in Bangkok 2017!

*Beautiful Commercial*

GFRIEND made music video at Korean Local Go Salon!

*[無뜬금라이브] GFRIEND(여자친구) _ LOVE WHISPER(귀를 기울이면)

G-Friend recently made their comeback with 5th mini-album ‘Parallel’ and many K-pop fans were quite excited. However, that wasn’t the case for these elderly people who were playing ‘Go’. In the video, the girls randomly appeared at the Baduk (Go) Association where they danced to their latest song “Love Whisper” live in front of the elders.

Watch the seemingly awkward moments as the girls sing and dance dressed in their new stage attire, while the elders are more concentrated on playing Go.

Xinwen short interview appearance on Fashion China!

*City WeiQi League*

City WeiQi League article in Brunei Paper

*United Daily/SinChew Daily/ SeeHua Daily*

1st July united

*Borneo Bulletin 4th July*

BB 4th july

Alphago Commentary by FanHui and ChangHao

*ALPHAGO – 来自未来的棋局第一集 常昊&樊麾&刘星 讲解*

Beginner Go Class advanced to 19×19 start July!

*Hokkien Association – Beginner Go Class*

The class began since April and yesterday [30th June, 2017]; all the students were promoted to 20s Kyu to the standard board-size of Go (19×19).

The youngest student is only 7-years old, regardless the class is open to all ages and gender to friends and families!

Join Hokkien Beginner Go Class today contact via +673 7234768 (Instructor Chin) or just come over to Kiulap Hokkien Association every Friday Night from 7.30pm!

City WeiQi League in Nanning


Opening Ceremony with Ke Jie

2017 City WeiQi League commenced on the 24th June in Nanning, 32 WeiQi clubs gathered in the same venue hall competing the grand prizes. City WeiQi League has became a dazzle in Go World of China.

The 2017 City Weiqi League held at the GuangXi Nanning International Convention Center; and each teams had played 3 matches.


Children Side Event

City WeiQi League started off with different voices, encouragement, opinions, doubts and concern. CWL started in 2015 with only 18 teams and now expanded to 32 teams including teams from Korea, Japan, Canada, Singapore and so on; moreover, top professional players such as ShiYue, Chen YaoYe, Zhou RuiYang are also competing in the event.

City WeiQi League intended to industrialized and marketed and thus to create a promising revolution in Go; HuaLan Architecture Firm is the pioneer to the City WeiQi League who designed the NanGuo YiYuan; currently an iconic building in GuangXi.


The opening ceremony was initiated by the Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs,  Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionGeneral Administration of Sport of China and so on.

Participating WeiQi Teams

Ke Jie vs AlphaGo Match 3 All Commentaries

*Official Livestream*


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