Diagram 1 – “Double Sparrow (双飞燕)”
Diagram 1 – “Double Sparrow (双飞燕)”

Diagram 1, White presses at move-6 emphasizes thickness; Black move-11 can also be extended at A. In this diagram, move-11 to move-13 shows that Black emphasizes on speed – Black happy.


Diagram 2, White move-8 is new-move played by Ma Xiao-Chun (马晓春) intended to develop influence. Normally this would work to corporate white stones at  bottom-right-corner’s Fuseki , otherwise White would fall behind in territory.

Diagram 3, Black continued to extend at move-1 then connect move-3 to initiate fight. When Black move-5 pressed out, White move-6 to shape and follow-up to move-9. White has strong move in future.

joseki 4
Diagram 4 – White can fight


Diagram 4, When White build shape move-6Black extended move-7 to prevent getting sealed from Diagram 3. The follow-ups are complicated and White has better fight in this results

joseki 5

Diagram 5, based on the Diagram 4, Black move-5 at tsuke seems promising here. Fight will be imminent in future.