Joseki 1
Diagram 1 – Popular Joseki

Diagram 1, is a popular joseki innovated by CHO U (張栩). This topic will covers some basic life and death that is imminent at the corner.

Diagram 2, Black move-1 is a joseki variant. White will pincer move-2 to attack the marked stone. However, the lecture does not study the joseki of this one (maybe next time).

Diagram 3, Black move-1 is big move in future. Can White tenuki? That is the topic today.

Diagram 4, White move-1 to move-7 are big yose moves for White. So Can White tenuki to miss this yose?

Diagram 5, If White tenuki, Black move-5move-7 then move-9 is a basic killing technique; and White is not alive. So White tenuki is bad?

Diagram 6, Not so, When Black move-5, White has to hane move-6 for an exchange then move-8 and alive at move-10.

Diagram 7, What about White move-8? Black can kill White with move-9 and move-11 to create a KO.

Diagram 8, White move-12 Atari at move-1 here can make living with move-3 then move-5 by sacrificing two stones.

Diagram 9, If for any reason Black has stone at move-1. White must immediately exchange yose from move-2 to move-8; Because Black move-4 could kill White.

Diagram 10, What about Black move-1 seems like a great move? White must replies with move-2 and tenuki after traded with Black move-3. Black move-5 could not kill White.