Here you will find list of Go Classes conducted by Xinwen and Brunei Darussalam Go Association. The lecture shall be conducted offline (only for Brunei) and online.

Xinwen is amateur 4-dan and is confident to coach players of level 30kyu ~ 1kyu (KGS level) or 30kyu ~ 1dan (Tygem level). Xinwen’s teaching covers lectures, reviewing games and teaching games.

Online Go Class (KGS/Tygem)
KGS id: xinwen
Tygem id: HuenMoon

1. 30kyu-20kyu
per session (1.5hour)
2. 19kyu – 10kyu
US$10 per session (1.5 hour)
3. 9kyu – 4kyu
US$15 per session (1.5hour)
4. 3kyu – 1dan
US$30 per session (1.5hour)

Brunei Hokkien Association – BDGA Go Class
Instructor: CHIN Sin Voon (Chinese)
i) Elementary Class (9×9 to 13×13)
Every Friday Night
7.30pm – 8.30pm
$10 per month (only for members of Hokkien Association)
first month FREE