Diagram 1
Diagram 1 – Asking for More

Diagram 1, White move-1 is also a choice instead of B just 3-3 invasion because White likes to try different approach. Black has and B answers next.

Diagram 2, Black move-2 is simplest answer pushing White move-3 then ended at move-5.

Diagram 3, White cannot simply just jump extended at move-2 because Black pressing at move-3 is very strong. White is Unhappy.

Diagram 4, If White hane move-3. The result is too good for Black using tesuji move-4.

Diagram 5, Black hane move-2 is a very common replies to White move-1. White can tries or B next.

Diagram 6, White retreats move-3, Black covers the exit at move-4. White needs to make living through move-5 to move-9 in gote.

Diagram 7, White will defeated for playing move-1 here.

Diagram 8, White hane move-3 is a strong replies to Black’s move-2. Black usually has A or B answers here.

Diagram 9, White then retreat at move-5 then make living move-7 then move-11 in sente.

Diagram 10, Black move-1 is to test White’s tsumego. White move-2 is one of the answer to make living.

Diagram 11, If Black has stone outside, the result may be disastrous for White.

Diagram 12, White ended at move-9 is not alive.

Diagram 13, Black jumps at move-1 kills White. White atari move-17 and Black blocks move-18 is not a KO fight. If White captures at A, Black retreats at B to avoid KO fight. White will not get any result at then Black D next.

Diagram 14, Black atari move-4 is a very common answer.

Diagram 15, White move-7 sacrifice-tesuji, then atari move-11. White lives moving move-13 and move-15 then sente at move-17 and move-19.

Diagram 16, Sometimes Black will choose to atari move-1 in this diagram. White needs to think big because living at the side is not that big (Diagram 15) so White can just give them up and exchange from move-6 to move-8. White has A tesuji later.