Diagram 6
Diagram 1 – After Joseki

Diagram 1, Both just finished a joseki and Black move-5 protects its corner and White move-6 kicks intended to aim for A later and B jumps. In this diagram, Black has the choice of tenuki to allow White to A in exchange of a bigger sente.

Diagram 2, If Black protects at move-1, White simply jumps at move-2. Black has sente.

Diagram 3, Black move-1 is correct and White must connects move-2 because atari at and Black B helps Black thicken. White invades move-6 after Black gote move-5. So how should Black move next?

Diagram 4, If Black covers at move-1, White can hane move-2 and tesuji move-4 and move-6. Black atari next result KO, If Black covers at move-2, White lives the corner at A.


Diagram 5, If Black tries to avoid KO from Diagram 4, the result is terrible for Black.

Diagram 6, Black move-1 is the correct answer here. White atari move-2 and ended at move-8 is a capturing race. Black next move is crucial.

Diagram 7, Black move-1 here is the correct killing move, White is short of liberty.

Diagram 8, White pincer at move-1, Black must extends at move-2. If Black connects at A. White can connects at move-2 which is really bad for Black.

Diagram 9, White connects at move-3 and ended up at move-5. Black to kill White next.

Diagram 10, Black point move-1 then thrust at move-3 is the key move. White move-6 is not KO. White is dead.

Diagram 16
Diagram 11, Black cannot kill White

Diagram 11, to be informed that if Black starting joseki is at forth-line move-1, White can move-2 stays alive.

Note: Xinwen concerns about Kyu-Players life and death; thus all this elementary lectures provide certain amount of real-game life and death. Hope you all like it.