Diagram 7
Diagram 1 – White invades 3-3

Diagram 1, White invades san-san in this situation is very common which could happen in almost every game. Black answers ranges from A, B, C, D and E. To be informed, Black’s choice of joseki is never recommended.

Diagram 2, Black move-2 is the most common answer you can find even in Professional Games. White move-3 to connect, Black next move usually at B – but what about A?

Diagram 3, Black move-4 to move-8 kills White two stones but is it worth?

Diagram 4, White has yose tesuji move-4 to create KO and sente. This outcome is not recommended for Black.

Diagram 5, Black move-4 and White atari move-5 then result ended at Black move-8 block in gote is standard outcome. Black is not happy but has to accept the result.

Diagram 6, White extended move-1 is greedy and will result disastrous if Black move-2 connects.

Diagram 7, Black move-6 from Diagram 5 decides to connect at move-1 in this diagram will also result disasters.

Diagram 8, Black extended move-2 to the side to prevent White’s connection. White jump and peek at move-3 is correct. White A next if chooses to go out; White if outside has no benefit and decides to live in corner. Black C is a mistake.

Diagram 9, If Black cuts at move-1 then atari at move-5 will result disastrous.

Diagram 10, If Black cherishes corner at move-1, White can cuts and kill from move-2. This result may need to rely on surrounding stones.

Diagram 11, White move-5 kosumi decides to live in corner. Black is not that satisfied due to the cuts from A, B and C. Black move-10 will start attack White. This is the standard result.

Diagram 12, White move-5 extend here decides to go out in which Black move-10 will take the corner.This is also a standard result.

Diagram 13, Black move-2 empty-triangle is probably strongest move. White cannot do A peek anymore.

Diagram 14, White jumps at move-3 and get cuts by move-4 result disastrous.

Diagram 15, White kosumi move-3 is the only way to make two-eyes. Black is happy to get sente. Then Why are there not many Professional Players do this move?

Diagram 16, When Black covers at move-2. White can tenuki leaving aji behind for Black to spend move at B or making Black’s shapes look bulky and ugly. Thus, we do not recommend Black move-2.

Diagram 17, Black move-2 kosumi  then hane move-4 is also a choice to give up side totally. Black cannot blocks at A. This result is no better than Diagram 8.

Diagram 18, If Black blocks at move-1. White kills Black at move-4.

Diagram 19, Black thus has to hane move-4 then White gets land at move-5. Black cannot blocks at A. This is the standard outcome and White is quite happy.

Diagram 20, If Black blocks at move-1, White cuts and kill from move-6.

Diagram 21, Black hane move-2 is last attempt here. White blocks move-3 then Black tenuki. If Black intends to B connects, White has aji in future at A.

Diagram 22, If Black goes back to move-4. The result is in gote but better shape as compared to Diagram 5 but White is thicker in this answer.

All the variation shown here does not side Black so well thus, it is highly recommend not to choose the “kick” move during joseki.