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3rd South East Asia Go Championship 2016

*3rd South East Asia Go Championship*


Go Demonstration at Sekolah Rendah Lambak Kanan Jalan 49

*Sekolah Rendah Lambak Kanan Jalan 49*

[picture courtesy of ChaiHui]

24th November 2016Brunei Darussalam Go Association had an opportunity to introduce Go to Sekolah Rendah Lambak Kanan Jalan 49 as a end-of-school short-activity. The attendees were from Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 of over 100 students.

The Association thank teachers and in-charge of Sekolah Rendah Lambak Kanan Jalan 49 for allowing the Go Demonstration.

Media Coverage on Brunei Darussalam Go Association

*More Media Coverage*

*Borneo Bulletin by Mr.James*


November 1st, 2016


2016 HangZhou “Shanglv Cup” Amateur Open Championship

*2016全国业余围棋棋王争霸赛在杭开赛 *


The 2016 National Amateur “ShangLv Cup” Open Tournament was held on the 26th October to the 30th October at HangZhou Weiqi-Yuan Branch. The event comprised of over 300 participants from many city and districts of China as well as overseas countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Korea, Canada and so on.

ZHAO Zheng-Bo (3-dan) had represented Brunei Darussalam Go Association in participating in the event alone while broadening networks of our Association with the Chinese.

According to the Chinese Media, this event is organized by OTO and the cash prize is as high as RMB400,000. Special Guest, Tang WeiXing 9-dan professional has made his appearance wishing participants good luck.


A team of Master (Monk) from LingYin Temple (灵隐寺) had also participated the event to train their mental strength.

12th Nanning Guangxi International Weiqi Tournament


Event Hall

Photo Credit: Handy


The event was commencing from the 16th October to the 20th October at Guangxi Nanning YongJiang Hotel. A total of 295 participants from overseas were involved in the 12th China-Asian International Invitational Weiqi Tournament, the 11th China-Asian Bridge International  Invitational Tournament and the 8th China-Asian XiangQi International Invitational Tournament.

This event was organized by China Weiqi Association, China Bridge Association, China Xiang-Qi Association, while supported by Nanning City Sport Bureau, Nanning City Sports Management Center, Guangxi Weiqi Association,  Guangxi Bridge Association and GuangXi XiangQi Association.

As common practices, the event invited most of the ASIAN members from Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Taiwan and Macao.

During the event, Ma Xiao-Chun (马晓春), professional 9-dan had made his appearance to the scene to play simultaneous games.

From Brunei Darussalam Go Association, ZheFan (2-dan) and Michael (3-dan) were dispatched as a team into the event.Putting their effort, Brunei Team achieved result of 13th/17th as country ranking.

*Zhe Fan promoted to China 3-Dan*



Champion – Krit Jamkachornkiat (Thailand)
2nd Place – Cheng QingJiang (USA Las Vegas)

5th Place – Lapon Jirasophin (Thailand)
6th Place – Wynes Leong Chee Weng (Malaysia)
7th Place – House Chuah Chee Hiong (Singapore)

9th Place – Nakhtengchangh Bounmy (Laos)

14th Place – Tiong Kee Soon (Malaysia)

22nd Place – Dovery (Indonesia)

24th Place – Mah Zhe Fan (Brunei)

27th Place – Michael Chen (Brunei)

29th Place – Handy Bunawan (Indonesia)


Go Demonstration + Go Class in Brunei Hokkien Association!


Brunei Darussalam Go Association with Hokkien Association: Mr. Fang and Mr. Lim

[photo credit: HuiYee]

9th October 2016Brunei Darussalam Go Association introduced Go to executive committee of Brunei Hokkien Association in hoping to prosper the game by also establishing Beginner Class every week, however limited to the members of Brunei Hokkien Association (at the moment).



Learn Go at Hokkien Association Brunei!

*汶莱围棋协会 – 汶莱福建会馆*

The opening day for BDGA-Brunei Hokkien Association will be commenced on the 9th of October, 2016 at Brunei Hokkien Association, Kiulap form 10am.

Go Classes will be also announced to everyone during the day as well, so everyone can bring friends and family to learn!

Joanne Missingham appeared on Taiwan Entertainment Show!



Joanne Missingham (黑嘉嘉) had recently attended the show MUCH “Greatest Teacher” along with other celebrities: Tai Chih-Yuan (邰智源), 張立東Daniel Chen (陳大天) competed to win cash prize of TWD10,000.

Joanne Missingham had also mentioned that this is her first appearance on Taiwanese Entertainment Show and she had a lot of fun.


“flowery” female professional go championship


The 1st “Flowery Female Professional Go Championship” 「花樣圍棋女王戰」will be held on the 27th September in Korea Baduk Association.

The event is organized by “Flowery Baduk Institution” 「花樣圍棋中心」 which was newly opened by Famel Korean Professional Players: Moon Dowon (文度媛),  Lee Da Hye (李多慧), Bae Yunjin (裴允珍) and Kim Hye Lim (金慧琳). There are 3 institutions opened for adult classes in Seoul and with the support from members, they managed to host their event.

Currently, There are only three professional Go Tournament in Korea namely the Female Pro League, Female National Touranemt and Female Meijin Tournament. Furthermore, Female National Tournament and Female Meijin Tournament uses Elimination Rules which limit the amount of serious matches for female players. Hence, the”Flowery Female Professional Go Championship” will run 4-Rounds of Swiss System during the Preliminary Rounds and  12 players will advance to Round-Robin rules in 2 groups. only two players from each group will advance to Quarter-Final. The Semi Final will be on 21st October and final will be on the 25th October, 2016.

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