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[news]Facebook AI vs Google DeepMind – Who is leading?

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*Deepmind defeated a 2p Pro?*


It was back in 1997, when DeepBlue first defeated the Chess Grandmaster; and the only Holy Grail for programmer to crack is to defeat Go. Go is a much more intuitive game compared to Chess which is more logical-game.

Just recently, Alpha Go has defeated a 2-dan professional player, Fan Hui in 5 games! Right now, DeepMind Team has issued a $1 Million challenges to Lee Sedol to play against Alpha Go in March!

*Interesting Branches of possibility*

possibility of go
Possibility of Go
possibility of chess
Possibility of Chess

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My Life in Summary :(

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*My Baduk Heroes*


Since he was a child, the board game baduk has been everything to Jang Geu-rae. But when he fails at achieving his dream of becoming a professional baduk player, Geu-rae must leave his isolated existence and enter the real world armed with nothing but a high school equivalency exam on his resume. Through an acquaintance’s recommendation, he gets hired as an intern at One International, a large trading company.

There, Geu-rae meets his boss, manager Oh Sang-shik, who’s a workaholic and has a warm personality; fellow intern Ahn Young-yi, who attracts her colleagues’ ire because of her impressive educational credentials and by being extremely competent at any task; and Jang Baek-gi, a geeky co-worker whose anxious nature masks his inner ambition. Geu-rae learns to navigate and adapt to corporate culture, with baduk as his guide.

Do you know how to play Baduk?

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*Korean Drama – Eung dap ha ra 1988(2015 TV Series)*


Follows the lives of 5 families living on the same street in a neighbourhood called Ssangmundong in Seoul. It takes a nostalgic look back at the year 1988. (


[news] get featured on local news

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Brunei Darussalam Go Association had recently made some noise in the Brunei news: Borneo BulletinSeeHua DailySinChew DailyUnited/Miri Daily regarding our activities and achievement from ZheFan recent participation in the 20th Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship.

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The article also highlighted that Brunei Darussalam Go Association is trying to host the 3rd South East Asia Go Championship this December.

[local] Xinwen initiated the 3rd Brunei Weiqi League

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*3rd Brunei Weiqi League*

Brunei 3rd Weiqi League was commenced on the 2nd of January between Xinwen and Michael as the first matchup.

The reason for the league was to update all the Brunei Player’s Rank moderated by Malaysia Weiqi Association.


Xinwen (White) vs Michael (Black)

Michael (White) vs Sid (Black 2-handi)

[news]1st Asian Weiqi Open Championship 2015- FULDA Cup

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*Brunei-Indonesia-Japan Team*

Dinner Time
Dinner Time


The 1st Asian Weiqi Open Championship – Fulda Cup was held in Syuen Hotel at Ipoh,Perak,Malaysia from the 8th December ~ 13th December, 2015.

The event is sponsored/organized by Fulda and GT. Co-organized by Ipoh WeiQi-Yuan and supervised by Malaysia Weiqi Association.

Each country was to dispatch a team of 3 players and a leader:- Jiahui as leader and Xinwen (3-dan), Sid (China 1-dan) & JinQuan (5-kyu).

In the end:
Xinwen got 2 wins out of 6 wins (not doing well-sadness)
Sid got 1 win out of 6 wins (from jinquan)
JinQuan 0 win out of 6 wins

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[news] Brunei first Pair Go team to the 26th World International Amateur Go Championship

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*26th World International Amateur Go Championship*



26th World International Amateur Go Championship was held in Tokyo from the 4th December ~ 8th December ,2015 and it was the first time Brunei Darussalam Go Association had dispatched their first pair-go team!

JiaHui (China 1-dan) and Sid (China 1-dan) had enjoyed their Tokyo trip to the every end and achieved 29th of 32nd position.

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Champion Team – JEON YuJin x SONG HongSuk, South Korea
2nd Place Team – Ayaka Oda x Kazumori Nagayo, Kanto Koshinetsu
3rd Place Team – Manami Takeno x Kenta Sakakura, Chugoku

6th Place – HUANG XiaoDi x  ZHANG RongZheng, China

19th Place – P. Aroonphaichitra x N. Taechaamuayvit. Thailand

29th Place – LIM ChaiHui x Siddeq Asmad, Brunei
30th Place – Katherine Isabella x Wmbris Isral, Indonesia

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