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Go in Sekolah Menengah Katok

*Sekolah Menengah Katok*

Photo Credit: ChaiHui

28th May 2016, Brunei Darussalam Go Association had intruded Sekolah Menengah Katok to introduce Go to year 9 and year 10 students of over 300-350 of them! This is another record set by BDGA in their achievement.

Students were introduced to 5×5 Go without explaining the rules of KO and illegal move. The aim is to allow them to have fun. But unfortunately, the sets prepared were only able to accommodate 200 students.

BDGA thanks Sekolah Menengah Katok for allowing them this opportunity to teach the students the game!

The Nihon Kiin Summer Go Camp 2016

*Japan Go Congress 2016*


If you think (European Go Congress) is too expensive, maybe you can try the Japan Go Congress organized by the Nihon Kiin (Japanese Go Association) which will be held in Tokyo!


Crazy Stone 7d vs Lee HaJin 3p


Lee Hajin played against Crazy Stone (Deep Learning) last sunday 22nd May 2016 on KGS with live commentary. Did she win? watch the video to find out!

1st Brunei Lightning Go Tournament 2016

*Double Elimination – 9 players result*

Double Elimination 9 players

the 1st Brunei Lightning Go Competition was commenced last night (14th May) at Capital Residence Suite with 9 participants:

Tournament Rules:
Nigiri, 19×19
Komi 6.5
Double Elimination
1 Period 10 Secs Byo Yomi only

SinVoon 4d
ChaiHui 1d
KaoXiang 1d
Haidar 1d
Sid 1d
Abeed 4k
JinQuan 6k
David 10k
Fareed 10k

Lee SeDol learned moves from AlphaGo!

*the Kyunghyang Shinmun*

Lee Sedol

“I decided to more accurately predict the next move instead of depending on my instincts, and I am putting that into practice.”

Lee Sedol has not lost any games ever since his matches against Man vs Machine.

Xinwen: I was right too when I saw the kifu and shared it here that Lee Sedol moves reminded everyone of AlphaGo – Incredible!

Nie WeiPing at Chinese Show – Voice (开讲了)

*《开讲啦》 20160409 —聂卫平 围棋中的人生百态| CCTV*

European Go Congress 2016: Saint Petersburg, Russia

European Go Congress is listed as one of the “must-go” event in the Go Calendar. Why? Currently there are over 500 registered participants joining from all age group! If you do not have worries in your wallet – PLEASE GO!

more information at:

Supprt Brunei Darussalam Go Association at:

Contact author: +673 7234758 (Xinwen)

Lee Sedol played AlphaGo’s move?

*Quarter-Final Game*

Lee Sedol (Black) vs Kang DongYun (White)

Black move-13 and move-21 were astonished plays by Lee Sedol (李世乭) vs Kang DongYun (姜东润) during the recent on-going 8th ING CUP World Professional Go Tournament 2016.

Xinwen is definitely rooting for Lee Sedol in the event, personally think Lee has improved ever since the match against Alphago. Great sportsmanship to keep fighting for the World Cup!

1st Brunei Lightning Go Competition

*Blitz Competition*

Who is the Blitz King/Blitz Queen in Brunei

It will be the first time the Brunei Darussalam Go Association has organized a Blitz Go Competition. So sign up and have fun!

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