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Lee Sedol in Master in the House episode 110

*Lee Sedol*


1st Lanke Cup China – South East Asia Online Weiqi Tournament 2020

*Lanke Cup*

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1st Lanke Cup China – South East Asia Weiqi Online Group Tournament 2020 The event commenced on the 1st of May, 2020 and would last until the 6th of June, 2020. In the amidst of the pandemic, the event will be taking part on the online platform "yikeweiqi" also known as "golinks". Eight teams are invited; 4 from the South East Asia and 4 teams from China: Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Beijing University Alumni Team, Quzhou Team, Ningbo University of Technology Zhejiang Team and Tsinghua University Alumni Team. Each Team comprised of 6 Players with 2 players being substitution; Hence, each round 4 players will be playing for the matches. Contact/whatsapp +673 8328238 (Instructor Chin)
if you're ready to take up this hobby, regardless of age, gender and status.

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1st May 2020 ~ 6th June 2020, the event commenced online via yikeweiqi or golinks platform.

Brunei Team:
Leader: Xinwen
Player 1: Xinwen (4-dan)
Player 2: Kxiang (3-dan)
Player 3: Zhengbo (3-dan)
Player 4: Stefan (3-dan)
Player 5: Michael (3-dan)
Player 6: Haidar (1-dan)

*Round 2*


Brunei Qualifies for World Amateur Go Championship in Russia 2020

28th February 2020, was the qualifying event for Brunei Darussalam Go Association to be participate in the 41st World Amateur Go Championship 2020 which will be held in Vladivostok, Russia on the 27th May to the 3rd June, 2020.

The Result is as followed:
1- xinwen
2- haidar
3- michael
4- kaoxiang
5- shihong
6- victor
7- cheeming
8- nengcong
9- zidah
10- fengyang
11- zhenyang
12- cayenne

Kejie: I became Champion to prove those who belittle me

Chinese New Year Celebration 2020

*Chinese New Year Gathering 2020*



9th February 2020, Brunei Darussalam Go Association had a simple Chinese New Year Gathering with everyone.

We hope in 2020, everyone will advance to a higher level in Go.


Learn to play Go: Teaching Books Review

*Nie Weiping Teaching Go Books

Learn to play Go on 19×19 in 5 Minutes: Basic Fuseki Theory

*Learn to play go on 19×19*

Kifu Replay 1

*Kifu Replay

[2020-01-12] 34th Chinese Tianyuan, semi-final Li Xuanhao 7p (Black) vs. Tong Mengcheng 8p (White) B+1.5 (7.5 komi)

1st South East Asia Go Congress in Singapore


15th ~ 22nd December 2019, The 1st South East Asia Go Congress 2019 was first held in Singapore at Asian Civilization Museum.

From Brunei  Team:
1) xinwen (4-dan)
2) kaoxiang (2-dan)
3) FengYang (9-kyu)
4) Cayenne (9-kyu)

The main event is categorized into Four groups: Kyu Open Categories, Low Dan Category, High  Dan Category and Master Category.

While there are plenty of side events to involve in such as: Super Simultaneous Rotation Event, Pair Go Event, 5 vs 5 Event, Teaching Games, SEA team vs AI, SEA Gals vs SEA Guys, Ladies Event, Blitz Event, SEA Go Development Forum.


*Brunei Team*


For Kyu Open:Kyu Open Result.PNG
FengYang: 12th Place
Cayenne Yeo: 36th Place

For Low dan:
Low DanKao Xiang: 2nd Place (Promoted to Singapore 3-dan)

For High Dan:
High Dan.PNGXinwen: 10th Place

For Master:

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