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1st JinCai PanZhou Cup, China-ASEAN Go Invitational Tournament

*2017 金彩盘州杯-中国东盟围棋邀请赛

Opening Ceremony

1st of November ~ 2nd November, 2017, is the “1st JinCai PanZhou Cup, China-ASEAN Go Invitational Tournament” hosted first time at PanZhou City at GuiZhou of China.

Brunei Team:
Leader: LIM Chai Hui
Player: CHIN Sin Voon, Hafiq Siddeq AsmadVictor Wong Chun Kang

The event invites 8 Teams: China TeamGuiZhou TeamBrunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam; to compete in a double elimination competition.

The prizes comprised of 100’000 CNY in total; split into 1 to 8 places: 40’000CNY, 20’000CNY, 10’000CNY, 8’000CNY, 7’000CNY, 6’000CNY, 5’000CNY, 4’000CNY successively.

In addition, four professional go players were invited to play simultaneous against invited guest. The professional players are: 馬 暁春 (MA XiaoChun), 华以刚 (HUA YiGang), 曹大元 (CAO DaYuan) and 陈盈 (CHEN Ying).

Lim represent all players & leaders to make oath
Lim making Athlete Oath in the names of all delegates & judges

On the 3rd November, the Artificial Intelligence Forum was conducted to create awareness to ASEAN team, moreover every teams have the opportunity to challenge Chinese AI “神算子 (ShenSuanZi)”.

Among all participating teams, only Malaysia Team won the AI.



AlphaGo Zero defeated all previous AlphaGo

*Deepmind proclaimation

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Hokkien Association Go Class Promotion Test 2

*BDGA members

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World Vision Tuition School Go Class Open for Registration!

*World Vision Tuition Go Class is open for registration

WV tuition 2

13th ASEAN GuangXi Nanning International Go Tournament 2017






GO Festival Tournament 2017

*GO Festival Tournament 2017 in Thailand

Ke Ji reviews his game vs Alphago Game 1

*Ke Jie Reviews his game vs AlphaGo Game 1 with Fan Hui

Beautiful film about Life & Go by Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

The School of Film and Television was established by the Academy in September 1996. The School aims to be a professional center of excellence and to both reflect and influence existing practice in the local film and television industries.

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19th Chinese Ming-Ren Yan Huang Cup in Singapore



The 19th Yan Huang Cup, World Ming-Ren Go Invitational Tournament hosted in Singapore for the first time outside China. The event commenced from the 2nd September to 4th September2017 held at popular One Farrer Hotel & Spa.

The event is generously sponsored & supported by the Executive Boss, Dr. Huang Shang Zhe (黄上哲博士) of Singapore MC Packaging (新加坡美特包装集团); Dr. Huang is also the Honourary President of Singapore WeiQi Association.

Yan-Huang Cup was created in 1998 by famous author Jin Yong (金庸), Go-Saint Nie WeiPing (棋圣聂卫), Director of National Tsing Hua University, Seng Chun Shan (沈君山) and World Champion Rin Kaiho (林海峰).

Participants of Yan-Huang Cup are Chinese Elites come from many walks of life such as Politician, Business, Culture & Sport Field and so on.  The event is divided into three groups: YanDi (炎帝), HuangDi (黄帝), YaoDi (尧帝) & ShunDi (舜帝).

Xinwen participated as player while ChaiHui as the leader and representative of Brunei Darussalam Go Association.

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