Diagram 1 – common fuseki layout

Diagram 1, White and Black played out a very popular joseki on the right. Black invades to the right joseki is imminent after White tenuki.

Diagram 2, Black invades at move-1 is not the greatest idea;however, If White responds with move-2, Black can easily connects with move-3. White is not happy.

Diagram 3, White kosumi move-1 is the correct move. Black move-4 is wrong-sequence timing mistake because when Black move-6, White can easily kill Black at move-7.

Diagram 4, After Black move-4move-6 exchange with White, going to move-8 now is correct sequence. However, White move-15 can easily escaped making Black attack very unsuccessful.

Diagram 5, Black invades at move-1 is correct as it aims at White’s weakness. Black answers at move-2 is correct. White has A B and C answers. C will lead to KO fight. If White chooses to attach on the Black, Black can easily connect back on Diagram 2.

Diagram 6, if Black move-3, White move-4 is not good because Black successfully destroyed White’s shape and connection.

Diagram 7, if White tries to counter-attack at move-6. Black can easily build up shape and White is not connected.

Diagram 8, When Black move-3, White can easily connects with move-4 making Black’s attack inefficient.

Diagram 9, Black move-3 is correct if Black’s intention to get influence. White move-4 is wrong because White cannot connect with the other group anymore.

Diagram 10, White move-4 is correct and connected back with the group with move-6. Black atari move-9 is good but move-11 is a mistake because White move-12 can kills Black’s group outside.

Diagram 11, Hence continued from Diagram-10, Black move-1 is a must which result the standard joseki. If Black move-7 to destroy White’s eye, White can easily gets another one from move-8.

Diagram 12, Black move-1 here is another joseki if Black prefers territorial. White move-2 is mistake as White cannot connect to the other group.

Diagram 13, White move-1 here is not the best because Black cuts at move-4 and move-6 then, connects back with move-10 is a comfortable fights.

Diagram 14, White move-1 is the only move, If Black simply connects with move-2 White is very happy to take the stone with move-3.

Diagram 15, Black move-2 is not the best either because White can gets comfortable battle with the result.

Diagram 16 Black move-2 here is the answer.White cannot plays move-3 because Black gains too much after move-4.

Diagram 17, White move-1 and Black move-2 are the only answer.White move-3 is obvious but if Black decides to play move-6 to kill White, White has good tesuji from move-9 and move-11 to extend his liberties.

Diagram 18, White move-7 sacrificing two-stones are not recommended because Black gains too much.

Diagram 19, The result here favours White in battle a little but Black can choose this if he/she decides to fight.

Diagram 20, Thus, White move-5 is most recommended and Black just obediently connect and White ended in gote at move-9. However White leaves weakness for Black to A, White B and Black cuts at C. White is not satisfied yet.

Diagram 21, Thus, White move-1 is the correct order to prevent the A, B and C from Diagram-20. This is the joseki.

Diagram 22, if Black tenuki and plays move-2 White is happy to get the bottom.