Diagram x2
Diagram 1 – Attack against a common fuseki layout

Diagram 1, Black move-1 desires a different result as compared to usual A invasion; this move is quite popular as well.

Diagram 2, White answers at move-2 is the easiest answer. Black will be pushed out until move-9. This result highly relies on the surrounding supports. If will do exchange at B then attack the black’s group with A if White has stones supporting externally.

Diagram 3, White hane move-1 is also feasible. The result is more or less than same as Diagram 2 with Black being pushed out until move-8.

Diagram 4, White hane move-1 in this Diagram is apparently the best move to fend off Black’s attack. Black obviously cannot just replies at with move-2. White can easily gain with move-2.

Diagram 5, If White simply answer at move-3 and move-5. Black ‘manipulated’ White making the territory too concentrated; While Black has developed towards center board.

Diagram 6, Thus, White Atari move-3 and move-5 are correct. Black will Atari move-6. Black has few options from this diagram, AB or C.

Diagram 7, If Black Atari move-8 which thought to be great counter-attack until move-12. White has ‘turtle-shell’ after captured 2 stones with move-11. Black thought to have great corner-territory.

Diagram 8, White Sente move-1 after Diagram 7 and make living with move-7 totally destroyed Black’s territory.

Diagram 9, Thus – Black move-8 is the correct answer. White Atari move-9 is correct then ended at Gote move-11. White cannot Atari at A; Black will profit from the result because White is being too low.

Diagram 10, Black Hane move-1 is a trick-move. White has to be careful.

Diagram 11, If White goes back Atari move-2 and move-4, Black is very happy, Because White’s A is being played at move-2.

Diagram 12, Hence White move-2 is a must. If Black move-3 then move-5 thought to be successfully destroyed White.

Diagram 13, White continued to Atari move-6 is counter-attack until move-16. White successfully took down two Black’s Stones and White’s A could key Black’s eyes.

Diagram x15
Diagram 14 – White Greedy

Diagram 14, White move-1 is being too greedy which is supposed play at Atari at move-3. Black can easily build its center from move-4 to move-8. White will take the stone at A, Black B, White covers up at move-4 then Black extends at C.