Diagram x2
Diagram 1 – White invades

Diagram 1, Black on the right is a Chinese Fuseki layout and White move-1 invades in. Black usually has A or B answer.

Diagram 2, If Black kosumi move-2 will result old joseki. In reality (present era), White is happy because White’s mission is success and Black thickness is not thick.

Diagram 3, Black move-2 is correct answer. If White jumps move-3 Black can easily chase from move-4 to move-6 to earn advantage.

Diagram 4, White move-3 is the only answer since escaping at A does not work. Black standard has B,C and D but obviously C is bad for Black getting low-territory.

Diagram 5, If Black chooses to hane move-4 then covers at move-8. White easily ladder at move-9. White is happy as Black spent more stones to kill one-stone.

Diagram 6, Black move-6 from Diagram 5 switched to move-1 in this diagram to prevent ladder. White easily make living at move-10; White is happy with this result as it destroys Black territory’s on top right.

Diagram 7, If Black chose move-1 extend down, White can easily forces black to connect back at move-3 and move-5. While White easily make living at move-8or  will be White’s next option.


Diagram 8, Black last option will be move-1 here and White hane move-2 is answer.

Diagram 9, If Black chooses move-3 to move-7, White easily make living at move-10. White is happy.

Diagram 10, If Black chooses move-1, White is happy to make living from move-2 to move-8.