Diagram x2
Diagram 1 – Reduce Black’s moyo

Diagram 1, Black has good influence on the bottom right, It is very common for White to play at next. B is an interesting move innovated by Ma XiaoChun (馬暁春).

Diagram 2, White move-1 common approach to Black’s shimari. Black’s next move A or B.

Diagram 3, If Black answers at move-1 which emphasizes the development to the left, White move-3 cut tesuji move-5 then move-9 are standard then Black must covers at move-5 to prevent KO. White will play A next to disrupt the Black’s development to the right.

Diagram 4, If Black answers at move-2 which emphasizes the development to the right, White can loosely play at move-7. If Black cuts at move-8 and move-10. White can brilliantly gives up the 3-stones from move-11 to move-15. Overall, Black spent too much stones expanding the shimari which is not efficient.

Diagram 5, Black jumps move-1 is the strongest reply, it is lighter and it develops the right side. If White continues with move-2 and move-4, White jumping at triangle-mark does not have anymore impact to Black’s right development.

Diagram 6, If White move-2, Black will not play at A instead at move-3. Black is very happy.

Diagram 7, Due to the fact black has good reply from Diagram 5, White move-1 is considered best move here.

Diagram 8, If Black plays at assumed best move-2, White can lightly touches at move-3. Black hane move-4, Black can cuts at move-5 and create very light shape at move-9. Notice Black’s shimari spent more moves again and acquire limited territory compared to White.

Diagram 9, If Black move-6 atari. White can make living easily at move-13. Black spent too much moves again.

Diagram 10, If Black plays at move-2, White easily answers at move-3 and move-5.