Brunei 3rd Weiqi League


Handicap Rules


With above as reference:-

1 stone-handicap is given to every 10 points different. (example: 1dan (2100-points) vs5kyu (1600-points), we will have 5 handicap (500-points) given to 5-kyu.

– Remaining points such as when 1dan (2100-points) vs 9kyu (1100 points), we will have 1000 points, with max handicap stones of 9 (900-points) and thus the White has to give 1 extra stone prisoner to the Black for each extra 10 points deduction.

ALL Kifus

Xinwen (White) vs Michael (Black)

Michael (White) vs Sid (Black 2-handi)

Michael (White) vs Victor (Black 5-handi)

Michael (White) vs Jin Quan (Black 8-handi)

EnRu (White) vs CheeMing (Black 6-handi)

CheeMing (White) vs Edwin Lim (Black 3-handi)

CheeMing (White) vs David Lim (Black 4-handi)

ChaiHui (White) vs CheeMing (Black 6-handi)

Victor (White) vs Edwin Lim (Black 6-handi)

ZheFan (White) vs CheeMing (Black 7-handi)

Michael (White) vs CheeMing (Black 8-handi)

Haidar (White) vs CheeMing (Black 6-handi)

Haidar (White) vs Edwin (Black 9-handi)

Edwin (White) vs CheeMing (Black 3-handi)

Xinwen (White) vs CheeMing (Black 9-handi)

Haidar (White) vs Victor (Black 3-handi)

Haidar (White) vs HoSoon (Black 3-handi)

HoSoon (White) vs CheeMing (Black 3-handi)

Haidar (White) vs David (Black 9-handi Komi 5.5)

JinQuan (White) vs EdwinLim (Black 3-handi)

Victor (White) vs HoSoon (Black)

PengHui (White) vs Victor (Black 2-Handi)

KaoXiang (White) vs HoSoon (Black 3-Handi)

Haidar (White) vs KaoXiang (Black)

PengHui (White) vs HoSoon (Black 2-Handi)

Michael (White) vs HoSoon (Black 5-Handi)

SinVoon (White) vs Victor (Black 6-Handi)

SinVoon (White) vs PengHui (Black 4-Handi)