2nd Brunei Weiqi League Result Table (20th September, 2011)
2nd Brunei Weiqi League Result Table (20th September, 2011)

Previous League Participants with Rank:-

1) Xinwen 3-dan
2) Zhe Fan 2-dan / China 2-dan
3) Sia Kao Xiang 1-dan
4) Li En Ru 1-kyu
5) Tan Chun Khit 3-kyu
6) Sung Hui Yee 4-kyu / China 3-kyu
Victor Wong Chun Kang 4-kyu
7) Jakex 5-kyu
Abeed 5-kyu
8  ) Kyung Tae 7-kyu
9) Afiq 8-kyu
Jin Fuh 8-kyu
10) Lim Chai Hui 9-kyu

Temporary Provisional Rank:-

Joanna Wong 11-kyu
Matt Voon 9-kyu
Edwin Lim 9-kyu
Chiaw Yee 8-kyu
Chung Sun 8-kyu
Javian Tay 5-kyu
Peng Hui 3-kyu 

*Handicap Rules*

Points and Handicap Rules
Points and Handicap Rules


With above as reference:-

1 stone-handicap is given to every 10 points different. (example: 1dan (2100-points) vs 5kyu (1600-points), we will have 5 handicap (500-points) given to 5-kyu.

– Remaining points such as when 1dan (2100-points) vs 9kyu (1100 points), we will have 1000 points, with max handicap stones of 9 (900-points) and thus the White has to give 1 extra stone prisoner to the Black for each extra 10 points deduction.


Players without prerequisite [https://xinwengolife.wordpress.com/1st-brunei-weiqi-league/] will have to go through THREE Placement Games to obtain a temporary rank to participate this Brunei Weiqi League.

Placement Games:-

– It is applied to ONLY Brunei Player who does not acquire his/her first Provisional Rank.

– The player has to play against Zhe Fan MAH, Sin Voon CHIN and Philip CHER; before he/she could advance to the 2nd Brunei Weiqi League.

No handicap is given during the Placement Test.

Rules will the same as of the 2nd Brunei Weiqi League.