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January 2020

Learn to play Go: Teaching Books Review

*Nie Weiping Teaching Go Books

Learn to play Go on 19×19 in 5 Minutes: Basic Fuseki Theory

*Learn to play go on 19×19*

Kifu Replay 1

*Kifu Replay

[2020-01-12] 34th Chinese Tianyuan, semi-final Li Xuanhao 7p (Black) vs. Tong Mengcheng 8p (White) B+1.5 (7.5 komi)

1st South East Asia Go Congress in Singapore


15th ~ 22nd December 2019, The 1st South East Asia Go Congress 2019 was first held in Singapore at Asian Civilization Museum.

From Brunei  Team:
1) xinwen (4-dan)
2) kaoxiang (2-dan)
3) FengYang (9-kyu)
4) Cayenne (9-kyu)

The main event is categorized into Four groups: Kyu Open Categories, Low Dan Category, High  Dan Category and Master Category.

While there are plenty of side events to involve in such as: Super Simultaneous Rotation Event, Pair Go Event, 5 vs 5 Event, Teaching Games, SEA team vs AI, SEA Gals vs SEA Guys, Ladies Event, Blitz Event, SEA Go Development Forum.


*Brunei Team*


For Kyu Open:Kyu Open Result.PNG
FengYang: 12th Place
Cayenne Yeo: 36th Place

For Low dan:
Low DanKao Xiang: 2nd Place (Promoted to Singapore 3-dan)

For High Dan:
High Dan.PNGXinwen: 10th Place

For Master:

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