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November 2019

Brunei got 7th in the 3rd Jincai Panzhou Cup 2019

*Brunei Team


18th ~ 23rd October 2019, The 3rd Jincai Panzhou Cup China – ASEAN Invitational Go Tournament was held at the Tuole ASEAN Conference Center of Tuole Ancient Gingko Scenic Village, Panzhou City, Guizhou Province.

The event invited 10 countries: China TeamGuizhou TeamBrunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and the Philippines. Brunei Team comprises of:

Brunei TeamLeader: Chin Sin Voon (4-dan)
1- Victor (3-kyu)
2- NengCong (5-kyu)
3- Zidah (7-kyu)
U-14 player: Lim Zhen Yang (12-kyu)

In addition, four professional go players were invited . The professional players are: 华以刚 (HUA YiGang), 曹大元 (CAO DaYuan) , 陈盈 (CHEN Ying) , 王汝南 (WANG Runan), 马晓春 (MA Xiaochun) and 常昊 (CHANG Hao).

*in action*

The tournament this year was conducted with Swiss System of 4 Rounds. During the first round, Brunei Team won Laos Team snatching the first victory, followed by two defeats against Vietnam Team on the second round and Malaysia Team during the third round. Brunei team got a default win against Philippines on the forth round.

The final result places Brunei Team at the 7th position out of 10th position besting Indonesia and Laos. Brunei team was awarded with CNY12,000 as cash prize.

On the other hand, the U-14 Team Relay comprised of two teams of 4 players each led by professional player Chen Ying and Cao Dayuan, and each coach will assess the level of the player and then decides the turn order of them. While Zhenyang was placed in Cao Dayuan‘s team but the team fell short against another very strong team led by Chen Ying, nevertheless, the team was awarded with Huawei Tablet M6 (2019).


In addition, the side event included a forum conducted by 华以刚 (HUA YiGang), 王汝南 (WANG Runan), 马晓春 (MA Xiaochun) and 常昊 (CHANG Hao). They shared their life story with Go.

During the 3rd Jincai Panzhou Cup, the event included sightseeing to Niang Niang Scenic Site (娘娘山) and Wumeng Great Prairie (乌蒙大草原) .

*Kunming City Weiqi Associaiton*


23 October 2019, In addition to the Panzhou event, Brunei Team and Singapore Team visited the Kunming City Weiqi Association and Yongzi Gallery. [updating…]

Bruneigo Nanning Selection x Student Promotion 2019

*3rd November


3rd November, 2019, was the 15th Nanning Guangxi 2019 Selection Student Promotion Test. 10 participants attended and competed 3 rounds in the morning.

The event in conjunction with rank assessment test for the students to compete with the existing members of the Association.

Student’s Ranking:-
1- Sham NC (promoted to 5-kyu)
2- Lim Zyang (promoted to 9-kyu)
3- Cayenne Yeo (Promoted to 9-kyu)
4- Lim SN (promoted to 11-kyu)

Nanning Representative:-
1- Michael Chen
2- Zhao Zhengbo



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