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September 2019

Bruneigo Qualifies for Panzhou Cup 2019

*Panzhou Selection*

15 September 2019, was the 3rd Panzhou Cup 2019 Selection. 10 participants attended and competed 4 rounds in the morning. Hence, the team has been selected and as follow:-

Team Leader: Xinwen
– Geedah 8-kyu
– NCong 6-kyu?
– Victor 3-kyu
– Zyang 12-kyu (Teenage Group)

The team will be dispatched to China on the 18 ~ 23 October, 2019.

KXiang made his debut to KPMC 2019

*Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship*

12 sept 2019
Borneo Bulletin 12th September, 2019

2th ~ 5th June 2019, The 14th Korea Prime Minister International Baduk Championship was held at Yeong Sports Park Stadium, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do. SIA KXiang 2-dan made his debut in the World Amateur Go Championship accompanied by official, Winston ANG.

Notably, Asian Go Federation Annual General Meeting attended by representative Winston ANG has reported that prize ceremony was given out to the top 4 countries that excelled during the AGF Online Tournament happened this year. The Meeting also expressed that the objective of AGF will assist as much as possible in Go relevant supports upon requested.

KXiang won 2 games out of 6 games earning himself a position of 42 out of 62.

4th Student Promotion Test Competition 2019

*4th Student Promotion Test*


1st September 2019, The 4th Student Promotion Test Go Competition; this season was to play on 13×13. The event is part rank assessment test for new and existing students.

6 students participants attended and competed in a four-rounds matches from 13 30 to 15 30 hosted at World Vision Tuition School, Kiarong.

1- Lim Zyang (full 4-wins)
2- Lim Fyang (3-wins)
3- Cayenne (2-wins)
4- Szenee (1-win)
5- Selestyne (1-win)
6- Zafry (0-win)

Student’s Ranking:-
1- Lim Zyang (promoted to 12th-kyu)
2- Lim Fyang (promoted to 9th Kyu)
3- Cayenne (promoted to 11th Kyu)
4- Szenee (promoted to 12th Kyu
5- Selestyne (promoted to 21st Kyu)
6- Zafry (promoted to 24th kyu)

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