*3rd China Weiqi Congress*


China Weiqi Congress was held from the 19-25th August at the newly built Rizhao City Expo Center as part of the extension of Rizhao Technology & Cultural Center. The Congress comprised of 31 events including artificial intelligence exhibition, book exhibition, history of weiqi development and so on.

The Congress invited leaders from 55 different Go Associations around the world to take part in the event.

From Brunei Darussalam Go Association is the Asst. President, Xinwen.

Welcome Dinner

24th August, 2019

24th August 2019, the welcoming ceremony for International guests from around the world, initiated speech by the Mayor of Rizhao City and General Lim, President of China Weiqi Association.

During the welcoming ceremony, each leader of Go Association was invited to the stage to play a move which will be displayed on the big projected screen representing “a game of World Kifu”

The expo comprised AI Championship final round, local food vendors, monks competition, local tea vendors, Go Equipment merchandise and so on.

24th August, 2019

Friendly exchange dialogue between the 55 International guests and the leaders of different Chinese Go Association. The International representative would then eventually made a business deal and partnership with the leaders of different Chinese Weiqi Association.

Bonfire Festival

Round Table Discussion

25th August 2019, All representatives of all Go Association along with the leaders from Chinese Weiqi Association had a round-table discussion and introduction of everyone’s Go Association.