*3rd Bruneigo Student Go Competition*

24th March 2019, was the 3rd Student’s Holiday 9×9 Go Competition held in conjunction with the Special Workshop on the 19th March, 2019. The event is also part of the rank assessment test for the new students.

8 students participants attended and competed in a five-rounds matches from 10 00 to 12 00 hosted at World Vision Tuition School, Kiarong.

1- Lim Zyang (full 5-wins)
2- Cayenne (4-wins)
3- Lim Fyang (3-wins)
3.5- Ainaa (3-wins)
5- Jasper (2-wins)
6- Selestyne (2-wins)
7- Ain (1-win)
8- Absentee

Student’s Ranking:-
1- Lim Zyang (promoted to 13th-kyu)
2- Cayenne (promoted to 13th Kyu)
3- Lim Fyang (promoted to 9th Kyu)
3.5- Ainaa (promoted to 23rd Kyu)
5- Jasper (promoted to 15th Kyu)
6- Selestyne (promoted to 24th Kyu)
7- Ain (promoted to 25th Kyu)
8- Absentee