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November 2018

South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange 2018 in Brunei

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It is finally here, South East Asia Friendly Go Exchange, aka. the 3rd Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament.

Third time hosting international event, three times better!

3rd Confucius Cup in Malaysia


10th ~ 13th November, 2018 was the 3rd Confucius Cup in Malaysia. Brunei Darussalam Go Association for the first time participated in this event by sending two representatives:

1- Michael Chen (3-dan)
2- JinQuan (5-kyu)

Total of 64 contestants competing in the 2-days event, and Michael Chen has brilliantly snatched 4-wins out of 6 games and positioned himself  at 22nd/64th. On the other hand, JinQuan managed to best himself at 3wins and positioned at 39th/64th.


3rd Shanglv Cup in Hangzhou


Brunei Representative: Michael CHEN

Brunei Player: Michael CHEN alone participated in the annual National Amateur Go Championship “Shanglv Cup” in Hangzhou from the 27th October to the 1st November, 2018.

The event is considered the biggest amateur championship open in China, over 500 contestant swarmed in. There are cash prizes for top winners and rank certificates for everyone.

The competition performance level is very high, many top players are in the league; regardless, Michael has managed to snatch 2 wins out of 9 games!

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