*Rank Assessment Test*

16th September, 2018 was the student rank assessment test; all students are mandatory to take part every three months of their course in learning Go. Only this way, should they receive their rank certificate.

11 student participants attended and competed in a three-rounds matches from 10 00 to 15 00 hosted at World Vision Tuition School, Kiarong.

Students were split into two categories, U13 and Adult Group for fairness challenge.

 Adult Group Result:
1- Neng Cong
2- Sakuya
2- SuTing
3- DuoWei
4- Sun Yeo

U13 Group Result:
1- FengYang
2- Cayenne Yeo
3- Azeemah
3- ZhenYang
4- YoonJae
5- Ayra

Each participants were handed out their official Rank Certificate by XinWen, Asst. President of Brunei Darussalam Go Association.

Student’s Ranking:-
1) Sakuya 13th kyu
2) Yeo ST 13th kyu
3) David Lim 13th kyu
4) Sham NC. 14th kyu
5) Lim SN 14th kyu (absent)
6) Cayenne Yeo 14th kyu
7) Sun Yeo 15th kyu
8) Oh YJ 15th kyu
9) Jasper Pang 17th kyu (absent)
10) Lim FY 17th kyu
11) Lim ZY 18th kyu
12) Azeema 20th kyu
13) Ayra 21st kyu