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August 2018

Last Season of Go Club at Maktab Sains

*throwback post*

All Pictures credit to teacher Ms. Lim

The last season of Maktab Sains Go Class was ended on the 30th August, 2018. The last class was conducted in a quick pairgo competition among the 16 students. 3 Baduk Beginner Books from Korea Baduk Federation were given as prize.

All students received certificate of participation during the closing ceremony.

*Picture in action*

The 14th CHINA-ASEAN International Invitational Go Tournament 2018

*Michael Personal Best*

Michael Chen (left) – Jacky Yin (right)

“BDF Tu Teng Jian Cai Cup” China-ASEAN Board and Card Games International Invitational Tournament 2018; 14th China-ASEAN International Invitational Weiqi Tournament 2018 was hosted from the 13th August ~ 15th August, 2018 at  Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This event has been the best platform for Go players to get-together and Brunei has dispatched two players:
1 – Michael Chen (3-dan)
2- Jacky Yin (3-dan)

There are total of 15 teams from: Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Guangxi Team, Nanning Team, USA Las Vegas Team and USA Los Angeles Team.

Michael Chen has achieved his personal best result of 3-wins/3-loses and position of 21st which is also one of the best result achieved by Brunei Darussalam Go Association since 2010 by Xinwen.

Individual Result:
1- He ChengQian (Hong Kong)
2- Max (Thailand)
3- Qin ShiMin (Chinese Taipei)
4- Cai ZhiXiong (Singapore)

21 – Michael Chen (Brunei)
22- Handy (Indonesia)

31 – Jacky Yin (Brunei)

33 – Loh Wei Quan (Malaysia)

Team Result:
1- GuangXi Team
2- Hong Kong Team
3- Canada Team
4- Chinese Taipei Team
5- Singapore Team
6- Nanning Team
7- Thailand Team
8- Laos Team
9- USA Las Vegas Team
10- Vietnam Team
11- Macao Team
12- USA Los Angeles Team
13- Indonesia Team
14- Brunei Team
15- Malaysia Team

Women Result:
1- Dawn Sum (Singapore)
2- Lin Ming (Chinese Taipei)
3- Li Le Yi (Hong Kong)

Last but not least, In conjunction with the CHINA-ASEAN International Invitational Go Tournament 2018. China Go Congress was set on the same period which included the CITIC SECURITIES A.I. Open TournamentMan China LeagueFemale China LeagueNational Professional Promotion TournamentNational Children Team ChampionshipMinister Cup and many others activities.

*Closing Ceremony*


The 5th Korea Jeollanamdo Kuksu Mountain International Baduk Championship

*First youngest team participation*


The 5th Korea  Jeollanamdo Kuksu Mountain International Baduk Championship 2018 was held from the 28th July ~ 1st August, 2018; Two days of matches of 6-rounds from 28th ~ 29th July and another two days of sight-seeing tour from 30th July ~ 1st August.

Team Leader: Xinwen
1- Cayenne Yeo (15kyu)
2- YoonJae (16kyu)

The event is organized by Hanguk Kiwon (Korea Baduk Association) and Jeollanamdo Baduk Association; mainly to focus the professional tournament “Korea Kusku Mountain Championship” while the U-18 Children Categories that everyone else join was a side event.

Each international participant is to play 3 matches against local Korean participant in the same group-match and another 3 matches against local Korean participants in another same group-match the next day.

International Participant was also given opportunity to play with young professional players.

The tournament system did not use standard international system to show a proper result standing or pairings; hence all participants will receive gold medal as token of participation while participants with perfect-win will receive additional Certificate of Achievement.


*Closing Ceremony*

International participants were given the chance to watch live professional games notably by Lee Changho, Hei Jia Jia, Kim JiSeok, Park JungHwan, Xie Yi Min, Takao Shinji and so on.

However, students were not allowed to get their signature or group pictures with them which was said to be allowed in 2017. Furthermore, It was said that students get to purchase more goodies in 2017 – pretty disappointing in this manners.

Sightseeing Tours were covered nicely, however refreshment for Lunch & Dinner became repetitive in the same restaurant which bored all participants.

Regardless, event as massive as this, needed to be evaluated and reviewed by their local organizing committee to make sure there will be more series in the following years.

1st CIAOLINK – Vietnam Team-Go International Invitational Tournament 2018

*Brunei Team compete in the 1st CIAOLINK – Vietnam Team-Go International Invitational Tournament 2018*


The 1st CIAOLINK Vietnam Team-Go International Invitational Tournament 2018 was held from the 28th July to the 29th July, 2018 at Hanoi, Vietnam.

Brunei Team comprised of Team Leader: ChaiHui and Team Players of:
1-KaoXiang (2-dan)
2- Tran Thanh Mai (3-dan)
3- Tran Quy Nhan (3-dan)

There are total of 8-teams joining the competition namely:
1- Vietnam-Ciaolink Team
2- Da Nang Team
3- Ho Chi Minh Team
4- Thailand Team
5- Malaysia Team
6- Singapore Team
7- Brunei Team
8- Korea Team

The tournament is split into Group Matches of 3-rounds to  decide the top 2 teams from each group to compete in the Semi-Final Match & Final Match on the 29th July.

This is also the first time Vietnam Go Club & community hosted an International Invitational Event.

Organizers: CiaoLink – Vietnam Go Club
Sponsors: Helio Coffee | Apollo English 360

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