*Alumni Category*

Triple Go Event
South East Asia Team: Li Ting (Front), Eileen Goh (Mid) & Chaihui (Back) vs Singapore Team

24-27th June was the 21st Thailand Asian University Go Tournament held in Silpakorn University, Bangkok. Brunei representative, Chai Hui had joined in with another two female representatives from Singapore in taking part of University Alumni Category of this event.

The event attracted 13 Asian Countries to participate along with over 300 local Thai-Students from over 50 institutions.

The event is categorized into three divisions: 1) National High-School Tournament 2) Asian University Go Tournament and 3) Alumni of Asian University Go Tournament.

Each Team comprised of three members from Alumni of Asian University Go Tournament competed 6 rounds in 3 days; Lim’s Team came out 8th out of 12th.