*World Vision Tuition School*

June 24th (Sunday), BDGA hosted a holiday finale activity: 1st 13×13 Go Competition for students. There were supposed to have 12 participants; 2 were disqualified.

The event gathers the participants to form a team of two players; however fighting separately to total-up their winning scores to decide the champion team, 2nd place team & 3rd place team.

The competition used swiss system; time setting was 15minutes, 3 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds. The event started from 9.30pm and adjourned at 4.30pm

The Team:

Team TanGo: David x Yeo ST
Team Black: Lim ZY x Lim FY
Team Sun&Moon: Azeema x Ayra
Team Baduk: Sham NC x Oh YJ
Team ArticGo: Sun Yeo x Cayenne Yeo


Each participants were first handed out their official Rank Certificate by XinWen, Asst. President of Brunei Darussalam Go Association.

Student’s Ranking:-
1) David Lim 14th kyu
2) Lim SN 14th kyu
3) Sakuya 15th kyu
4) Yeo ST 15th kyu
5) Sun Yeo 15th kyu
6) Cayenne Yeo 15th kyu
7) Oh YJ 16th kyu
8) Sham NC. 17th kyu
9) Jasper Pang 17th kyu
10) Lim FY 20th kyu
11) Lim ZY 21st kyu
12) Azeema 21st kyu
13) Ayra 22nd kyu

The Standings:

1) Champion Team: TanGo
David Lim (champion individual)
Yeo ST (2nd place individual)

2) 2nd Place Team: Black
Lim FY (4th place individual)
Lim ZY (6th place individual)

3) 3rd Place Team: Baduk
Sham NC (3rd place individual)
Oh YJ (8th place individual)

4) 4th Place team: ArticGo
Sun Yeo (5th place individual)
Cayenne Yeo (7th place individual)

5) 5th Place team: Sun&Moon
Azeema (10th place individual)
Ayra (9th place individual)