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January 2018

7% : Behind the Scenes of FineArt

*Chinese FineArt Documentary AI: 7%

AlphaGo Documentary

*AlphaGo Documentary

Faith in 2018 – Happy New Year

*New Year Challenge*

Nihon Kiin Yuge no Ma
Nihon Kiin Yugen no Ma

I am very contented that 2017 began a stepping step towards a bigger vision in 2018! After the Annual General Meeting during the early year of 2017, Brunei Darussalam Go Association has decided to set the goals for this few years to “promotion & recruitment”.

*New Year Game*


Regardless, there are many notable achievement we did throughout the year 2017.

1) Two Go Classes
Currently other than Hokkien Association, Brunei Darussalam Go Association is thankful towards World Vision Tuition School to partner with us in promoting Go.

2) Schools
Due to the positive impact from Hokkien Association & World Vision Tuition School, we have finally invaded in Maktab Sains PSBS and also International School Brunei as our moon land! The two schools are considered one of the best in Brunei – we are certainly delighted to teach the students Go.

3) Resolution for 2018
Trying to slow things down but making Association firmer by recruiting potential committee members & Go Instructors.

Currently Brunei Darussalam Go Association is already packed with agendas:
1) 11th January : Maktab Sains CCA open day
2) 16th January : International School Brunei Go Club first day
3) 25th January : Maktab Sains Go Club first day
4) 2nd – 9th May : World Amateur Go Championship
6) TBA June: Brunei 9×9 National Go Tournament
7) 23rd – 28th June: Thailand U-Go Tournament
8) TBA June : China Nanning & City Weiqi League
9) TBA July : Korea Kuksu Mountain Under15 Tournament
10) TBA December: 4th South East Asia Go Championship, Indonesia

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