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June 2017

City WeiQi League in Nanning


Opening Ceremony with Ke Jie

2017 City WeiQi League commenced on the 24th June in Nanning, 32 WeiQi clubs gathered in the same venue hall competing the grand prizes. City WeiQi League has became a dazzle in Go World of China.

The 2017 City Weiqi League held at the GuangXi Nanning International Convention Center; and each teams had played 3 matches.


Children Side Event

City WeiQi League started off with different voices, encouragement, opinions, doubts and concern. CWL started in 2015 with only 18 teams and now expanded to 32 teams including teams from Korea, Japan, Canada, Singapore and so on; moreover, top professional players such as ShiYue, Chen YaoYe, Zhou RuiYang are also competing in the event.

City WeiQi League intended to industrialized and marketed and thus to create a promising revolution in Go; HuaLan Architecture Firm is the pioneer to the City WeiQi League who designed the NanGuo YiYuan; currently an iconic building in GuangXi.


The opening ceremony was initiated by the Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs,  Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionGeneral Administration of Sport of China and so on.

Participating WeiQi Teams

Ke Jie vs AlphaGo Match 3 All Commentaries

*Official Livestream*


Team Humanity vs AlphaGo

*Official Livestream*


Are five human heads better than one computer brain? Not when it comes to playing Go. AlphaGo, the AI created to play the game of Go better than anyone alive, has defeated a team made up of five Go champions in a demonstration match on Friday.

The team included Chen Yaoye, Zhou Ruiyang, Mi Yuting, Shi Yue and Tang Weixing, and on the AlphaGo side – just AlphaGo, obviously. The match ended when the human players resigned in the face of AlphaGo’s certain victory.

Another demo match on Friday saw a human/AlphaGo team take on another human/AlphaGo team, this time with Gu Li and the AI going head-to-head with Lian Xiao and his own artificial teammate. Lian Xiao and his AlphaGo companion ended up victorious, also forcing a resignation from the opposing side.


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