*World Go Championship x DeepZenGo

World Go Championship x DeepZenGo is commencing today, the 21st of March, 2017 and adjourning on the 23rd of March, 2017 at Kansai Kiin, Osaka, Japan. Invited Top Professional Players are Park JungHwan (S.Korea)Mi YuTing (China) and Iyama Yuta (Japan); as well as Japan A.I. Deep Zen Go in a round-robin setting championship.

This is the first international go tournament in which the world class go players representing each country of Japan, China and Korea and a computer Go A.I. will compete each other.

Total amount: 50 million Japanese Yen
Champion: 30 million Japanese Yen
Runner-up:10million Japanese Yen
Third・Forth 5 million Japanese Yen

Alphago-ish 5th Line approach, live from DeepZenGo

According to Tencent, DeepZenGo was able to compete in a 3-stones handicap against top professional player in the early 2016 and managed to gotten a result of 1-2 against CCho ChiKun. However comparing to AlphaGo, DeepZenGo is not perfect yet.

Just last week in the UEC Cup, DeepZenGo lost to Chinese’s Tencent: JueYi in the final.