*the first 10-dan on all Go Server, Jue Yi*



JueYi “绝艺” also known as the Chinese “AlphaGo” developed by Tencent became the first 10-dan on FoxgoServer. JueYi had defeated Yun Jun-sang (尹畯相):clover77, Fan YunRuo (范蕴若):北海的早晨, GuLi (古力):星宿老仙, Chen YaoYe(陈耀烨):谜团, Park JungHwan (朴廷桓):maker and so on.

*Recent Game Records*


JueYi had achieved 18 wins – 2 losses and most of his challengers are World Champion – Top Professionals; and thus according to FoxGoServer’s rules, JueYi has promoted to 10-dan. The incident has even allowed the appearance of Dr.Aja Huang to congratulate the achievement of JueYi by logging in Deepmind.


FoxGoServer Top Ranking Players.

Apparently KeJie had challenged JueYi “offline” not via FoxGoServer and has been informed on his weibo that he has lost almost all the games.

However comparing to AlphaGoJueYi is still weaker.