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January 2017

Happy Chinese New Year 2017

*Rooster Year 2017*


invincible Master slain top pros online

*Master : Alphago*

All  60 games available

Deepmind has released “Alphago 2.0” online to test out against all top professional players: GuLi (3), KeJie (3), ChenYaoYe (3), FangTingYu (2), ChanHao (1), ShiYue (1), MingYuTing (1), TangWeiXing (1), JiangWeiJie (1), TuoJiaXi (1), ZhouRuiYang (1), ParkJungHwan (5), Iyama Yuta (1),  KimJiSeok (1), Park YeongHun (1), YuZhiYing (1), ZhoJunXun (1), KangDongYun (1), ShinJinSeo (1), WonSeongJin (1), MengTaiLing (1), NieWeiPing (1) and etc; as a result Master defeated them all.

30 games were played on tygem while another 30 games were played on FoxGoServer in a week until the 4th of January. After the final game (60th games) against Gu Li, Doctor Aja Huang typed “I’m AlphaGo’s Doctor Huang,” Taiwanese developer Aja Huang is a member of Google’s DeepMind team behind the AI.

Deepmind founder Demis Hassabis, whose London-based AI startup was acquired by Google in 2014, later confirmed on Twitter that Master is a new version of AlphaGo under “unofficial testing.”

more information can be found on

*More video related to the Master*

*Infographic by FoxGoServer*


New Resolution to 2017!

*Penang Weiqi Association*

Penang Weiqi Association at Meet Up Cafe! during Christmas!

I am very proud that 2016 was definitely the best year for Brunei Darussalam Go Association but there are still many rooms for improvement especially getting new recruitment and leveling up!

The level of Brunei Darussalam Go Association has now officially ranked the weakest in South East Asia for now performing well in any International Tournament.

*Meet up in Singapore*


Regardless, there are many notable achievement we did throughout the year 2016.

1) the 3rd South East Asia Go Championship 2016
This was the greatest achievement ever done as Brunei Darussalam Go Association hosted the second International Event with over Seventy (70) delegates from so many countries such as S.Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam,  Indonesia and etc.

The event commenced smoothly with the help of D’Anggerek Serviced Apartment and the kind generosity from Progresif Cellular to make this event so complete! Thank you all for the hard-work and success!

2) Association, Community Center& Embassy
We have been trying to announce our existence to many Chinese-Cultural bodies in Brunei especially Brunei Hokkien Association for giving us the opportunity to promote Go. We are also thankful that the Taipei Culture & Economic office in Brunei is looking forward to work with us.

3) Schools
This has been the most difficult part as Schools tend to ignore our proposal by giving us many lame excuses without acknowledging the greatness and beneficial of Go.

Resolution for 2017

1) Push harder to local communities and schools!

2) Level up the existing players by creating a more efficient league system!

3) Get more new players!

I hope the three simple resolution can make a different in 2017!

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