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June 2016

Go x K-SWISS commercial (REPLY1988)

BOLERO x GO ~ The Rondo of Go and Music ~

Ke Jie on 開放新中國 Interview

開放新中國完整版 18歲橫空出世! 獨訪「陸棋王柯潔

由Google所開發的人工智慧系統AlphaGo,在今年跟南韓職業棋士李世石的人­機大戰,掀起了人工智慧話題,成為全球的焦點,最後李世石落敗,而且是潰不成軍。李世­石曾 經是大陸棋王柯 的手下敗將,所以目前電腦團隊正在向柯潔拍板叫陣,那一頭,只見­ 柯潔接招接得氣定神閒,口 很大,自信滿滿,他在微博上放話說,就算AlphaGo贏­得了李世石,也贏不了我,他的狂妄不羈 他的棋風一樣,向來是個人的獨特標誌。

Man vs Machine has stirred a great amount of attention as World Champion Lee Sedol got defeated. Not to mention Lee Sedol already  had not won Ke Jie in most recent championship making Ke Jie the current number one player in the world (  On Ke Jie‘s blog, he had announced “despite Alphago could win Lee Sedol, the machine will not able to defeat me.”

This announcement on his blog had drawn many media attention to interview him.

Mobile Apps commercial with Taiwan Top Go Players!


The commercial features a mobile apps with Taiwan top go players: Chou Chun-Hsu (周俊勳) 9-dan and Joanne Missingham (黑嘉嘉).


“CITIC SECURITIES CUP” 37th World Amateur Go Championship


Mr. Kim 2nd Place (left) Mr. Bai 1st Place (Center) Mr. Hsu 3rd Place (right)
KIM  Ki-Baek (2nd Place), BAI Bao-Xiang (Champion), HSU Chia-Cheng (3rd Place)

The 37th World Amateur Go Championship ” CITIC SECURITIES CUP” was held from the 4th June ~ 9th June at WuXi Ramada Plaza Hotel (华美达酒店)WuXi, JiangSu Province, China.

World Amateur Go Championship was first hosted in Japan in 1979; and is currently the world’s most iconic amateur Go tournament. This year, There were 56 countries and regions participated covering from Asia, European, North & South America , South Africa and Australia.

The oldest participant was 71 years old, while the youngest was 13 years old. There were 3 participants who are 13years old from South East Asian Regions, Indonesian representative: Raffia Shidqi Fitrah (5-dan), Malaysia Representative: Chang FuKang (5-dan) and also Vietnamese Reps: Nhat Minh Vo (4-dan). This has proven that Go is getting ubiquitous in South East Asia.

During the final round, Mr. Bai BaoXiang (8-dan) won against Mr. Hsu ChiaCheng (7-dan) and achieved clean victories of 8-rounds. Mr. Kim Ki-Baek from Korea got 2nd Place, and lastly Mr. Hsu ChiaCheng from Taiwan on 3rd place. This was the 2nd Champion Mr. Bai Bao-Xiang had won in WAGC, the first was in in Japan 2011, which he was granted Amateur 8-dan.

*Brunei’s Player: CHIN Sin Voon*

5th Round vs Hungary 6-dan

Brunei Darussalam Go Association was established in 2011 and became member of International Go Federation in 2012. Hence, this was the fourth time Brunei Darussalam Go Association had participated in the World Amateur Go Championship since 2013 in Sendai by Sid.

CHIN Sin Voon (4-dan) who had many experiences in International Tournament from Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship (4-times), Nanning Weiqi International Tournament (2-times), and so on had made his first appearance to in this year’s World Amateur Go Championship.

With his best efforts, CHIN achieved 3-wins out of 8-wins and gotten 39th/56th position making current best result of Brunei in the World Amateur Go Championship.


Champion – Bai BaoXiang (China)
2nd Place – Kim KiBaek (South Korea)
3rd Place – Hsu ChiaCheng (Taiwan)
4th Place – Andrii Kravets (Ukraine)
5th Place – Satoshi Hiraoka (Japan)
6th Place – Csaba Mero (Hungary)
7th Place – Dusan Miti (Serbia)
8th Place – Cristian Pop (Romania)
9th Place – Dai JunFu (France)
10th Place – CHAN Chi Hin ( Hong Kong)

13th Place – Rafif Shidqi Fitrah (Indonesia)

18th Place – Vorawat Tanapatsopol (Thailand)

23rd Place – Yue YiFei (Singapore)

25th Place – Chang FuKang (Malaysia)

39th Place – CHIN Sin Voon (Brunei)

Interview with Ranka

*CHIN Sin Voon*


It was a surprised to get featured by during the 37th World Amateur Go Championship which was held in WuXiChina from the 4th June – 9th June.

be sure to check out my interview at Lots of thanks to Mr.James Davies.

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