*1st Episode: Seeking Master*

The series was documented over 2 years and released in March 2016 which was aired in CCTV-5.

Episode 1 – features the life of Go SeiGen, paid respect to the family of Fujisawa Shuko, appearance of Fujisawa RinaCho HyunHun too.

*2nd Episode: Opportunity*

Episode 2 – features how Go has given the inmate in HeiLongJiang Prison an opportunity to change their attitude and improve their behaviour. Also features a Go Teacher who had dedicated his life to teach Go to children, holding on his dream.

*3rd Episode: Inspiration*

Episode 3 – features technology with Go; appearance of Bao Yun – best blind Go player in the world.  How Go is used as educational medium by Cho U and his father. Takemiya  Masaki made his appearance too.

*4th Episode – Hand-Talk*

Episode 4 – features Rui NaiWei and Fujisawa Rina; introduced Tibetian-Go. How Go is enjoyed in the West. How Go is used as education medium to Deaf-Mute students.

*Episode 5: Go*

Episode 5 – features a blind-Go player in Europe. features  Chou Chun-hsun and also how Go is made in Kyushu of Japan.

Where there is man, Go shall spread;
Where there is Qi,  road shall continues;
Where there is man, scenery shall breathe;
Where there is eyes, life will be settled.