*Team in Black*

Brunei Team with Ms.Vanthanee
Brunei Team with Ms.Vanthanee

photo credit: House Chuah (SkyGo)

The Asian 20th University Go Tournament had adjourned last night, 8th April, 2015 and delivered a with few shockers in the finalist.

Few highlighted players were Wang YuanJyun (7-dan professional) and Lin HsiuPing (6-dan professional) represented Taiwan; did not expect to get defeated by Korean top amateur player: Park JoongWook.

Final Result Board
Final Result Board

Photo Credit: KaoXiang

The final round pairings was a great pity when KaoXiang had to face against Afiq (same team); which they will fail to achieve an extra win from other country’s. Regardless of the result, this tournament had provided them great foundation to be better in future.

Lastly, thanks AEWON for sponsoring the Team Jacket, you can see them wearing almost everyday!

*More Pictures*

Friendly Group Picture
Friendly Group Picture (provided by House Chuah)
Friendship (provided by House Chuah)
Eating Together
Eating Together (provided by House Chuah)
Serious Moment
KaoXiang vs Afiq