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April 2016

European Go Congress 2016: Saint Petersburg, Russia

European Go Congress is listed as one of the “must-go” event in the Go Calendar. Why? Currently there are over 500 registered participants joining from all age group! If you do not have worries in your wallet – PLEASE GO!

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Contact author: +673 7234758 (Xinwen)

Lee Sedol played AlphaGo’s move?

*Quarter-Final Game*

Lee Sedol (Black) vs Kang DongYun (White)

Black move-13 and move-21 were astonished plays by Lee Sedol (李世乭) vs Kang DongYun (姜东润) during the recent on-going 8th ING CUP World Professional Go Tournament 2016.

Xinwen is definitely rooting for Lee Sedol in the event, personally think Lee has improved ever since the match against Alphago. Great sportsmanship to keep fighting for the World Cup!

1st Brunei Lightning Go Competition

*Blitz Competition*

Who is the Blitz King/Blitz Queen in Brunei

It will be the first time the Brunei Darussalam Go Association has organized a Blitz Go Competition. So sign up and have fun!

CCTV-5 Go Documentary 2016 (Chinese)

*1st Episode: Seeking Master*

The series was documented over 2 years and released in March 2016 which was aired in CCTV-5.

Episode 1 – features the life of Go SeiGen, paid respect to the family of Fujisawa Shuko, appearance of Fujisawa RinaCho HyunHun too.

*2nd Episode: Opportunity*

Episode 2 – features how Go has given the inmate in HeiLongJiang Prison an opportunity to change their attitude and improve their behaviour. Also features a Go Teacher who had dedicated his life to teach Go to children, holding on his dream.

*3rd Episode: Inspiration*

Episode 3 – features technology with Go; appearance of Bao Yun – best blind Go player in the world.  How Go is used as educational medium by Cho U and his father. Takemiya  Masaki made his appearance too.

*4th Episode – Hand-Talk*

Episode 4 – features Rui NaiWei and Fujisawa Rina; introduced Tibetian-Go. How Go is enjoyed in the West. How Go is used as education medium to Deaf-Mute students.

*Episode 5: Go*

Episode 5 – features a blind-Go player in Europe. features  Chou Chun-hsun and also how Go is made in Kyushu of Japan.

Where there is man, Go shall spread;
Where there is Qi,  road shall continues;
Where there is man, scenery shall breathe;
Where there is eyes, life will be settled.


Asian Go Online – Friendly Hand Talk

*Second Session*

Asian Go Exchange Online

Be sure to join to find out more!

1st Asian Weiqi Go Championship – Fulda Cup 2015

Lee Sedol at Nongshim Noodle Commercial

Brunei Team got featured on Chinese Press

*星洲日報 (SinChew Daily)*

19th April, 2016
19th April, 2016

*诗华日報 (SeeHua Daily)*

19th April 2016

参加亚洲大专杯围棋赛 汶选手吸取宝贵经验

*联合日报 (United Daily)*

19th April, 2016

18th Century Greatest Go Players



One of the greatest Go Series out there featuring two of the greatest Go players from the early 18th century: 范西屏 (Fan XiPing) and 施襄夏 (Shi XiangXia) during the reign 乾隆 (Qianlong Emperor). Both of them shares the same hometown, age and same teacher.

The series comprised of 8 Episodes with over 1 hour each show. The series also featured that Japanese Go community has already erased the fixed opening placement stone of Chinese-Rules which surprises the Chinese Go World until Chinese Go Association has established the new rules in 20th century.

当湖十局 (JiangHui Ten Games) was the historic event to decide the best players during the 18th century between 范西屏 and 施襄夏. Both of them had never played with each other ever since…

Their level is as strong as the current top fighters Lee Sedol!

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