*Game 1 – underestimation*

The winning move of AlphaGo Game-1
Ghost move attack

Indeed, the invasion move-101 was brilliant and also decided the outcome of Game 1. Lee Sedol (9p) had foreseen that move but ultimately he underestimated the capability of AlphaGo during the first game as he obviously taking the lead before the invasion.

“Xinwen had spent all his afternoon to watch all live-streamed of AlphaGo-Lee Sedol. It was intense and incredible.”


*Result of the invasion*

*Game 2 – AlphaGo’s hand-of-god*

Game 2 – Inhuman God’s Move

The divine move-37th was made history on that day. No human has ever played shoulder-approach at 5th line. Lee Sedol left the room for 15-20 minutes right after AlphaGo played it.

Many of young players had been taught to play along the line of influence (4th line) if they are after territory in center. Regardless, it was a incredible move by AlphaGo.

*Game 2 Diagram*


*Game 3 – AlphaGo visionary*

Brilliant Counter Attack Move-70

AlphaGo found itself in a weak position after an aggressive start by Lee Sedol in game 3. AlphaGo shown its ability to strike back at move-70 which stunned everyone.

*Game 4 – Humanely Move of God*

Divine move 78

Lee Sedol won this game with applaud. AlphaGo was obviously leading until the Wedge-Move-78.

“It was the only move,” Lee Sedol Said during the post-conference shortly after he won AlphaGo.

In the tweet of Demis Hassabis, he stated that AlphaGo was still winning at 70% after move-78 according to AlphaGo’s winning-calculator until 10-moves later, it dropped dramatically to 20%.