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March 2016

TVBS Interview of Joanne Missingham (黑嘉嘉)

*TBVS – Taiwan is my home*


Quick Review of AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol by LiTing 1p

*Game 1 – underestimation*

The winning move of AlphaGo Game-1
Ghost move attack

Indeed, the invasion move-101 was brilliant and also decided the outcome of Game 1. Lee Sedol (9p) had foreseen that move but ultimately he underestimated the capability of AlphaGo during the first game as he obviously taking the lead before the invasion.

“Xinwen had spent all his afternoon to watch all live-streamed of AlphaGo-Lee Sedol. It was intense and incredible.”


*Result of the invasion*

*Game 2 – AlphaGo’s hand-of-god*

Game 2 – Inhuman God’s Move

The divine move-37th was made history on that day. No human has ever played shoulder-approach at 5th line. Lee Sedol left the room for 15-20 minutes right after AlphaGo played it.

Many of young players had been taught to play along the line of influence (4th line) if they are after territory in center. Regardless, it was a incredible move by AlphaGo.

*Game 2 Diagram*


*Game 3 – AlphaGo visionary*

Brilliant Counter Attack Move-70

AlphaGo found itself in a weak position after an aggressive start by Lee Sedol in game 3. AlphaGo shown its ability to strike back at move-70 which stunned everyone.

*Game 4 – Humanely Move of God*

Divine move 78

Lee Sedol won this game with applaud. AlphaGo was obviously leading until the Wedge-Move-78.

“It was the only move,” Lee Sedol Said during the post-conference shortly after he won AlphaGo.

In the tweet of Demis Hassabis, he stated that AlphaGo was still winning at 70% after move-78 according to AlphaGo’s winning-calculator until 10-moves later, it dropped dramatically to 20%.



The History ELO of top 10 Go players

*History of ELO top 10 Go Players*


The charts are definitely interesting to notice how Top Players controlled the top realm for ages before the next talent overtook them such as Kobayashi Koichi, Kato Masao, Cho Chikun, Lee Chang Ho, Lee Sedol and finally Ke Jie.

The reason why we have always been studying their Kifu, and buying their books are the very reason why we should learn from their foot-steps.

AlphaGo is now ranked 2 in the world

*Conclude of Google Deepmind Challenge*



AlphaGo had proven its superior over Lee Sedol (but not humanity) scoring 4 – 1 in the Google Deepmind Challenge Series from the 9th ~ 15th March, 2016. During the final match, AlphaGo had yet to proven its perfection and flaws were noticeable.

Regardless, AlphaGo is now ranked no.2 according to just handful points after Ke Jie.


Honorary 9-dan to AlphaGo
Honorary 9-dan to AlphaGo
Caring Father

Lee Sedol made a come-back!

*Humanity wins in 4th Round*

Press Conference after 4th Match


“This one victory is pricless that cannot be replaced by anything else” ~ Lee Sedol, 13th March

13th March was the historic moment for Lee Sedol to finally snatched a win from AlphaGo! Despite losing the series, Lee Sedol has finally proven AlphaGo’s flaw after move 79.


The Divine Move
The Divine Move “79”


Lee Sedol took 40-minutes to read out the variation of the diagram and brilliantly destroyed the formidable AlphaGo. With the follow-ups, AlphaGo had revealed its mistakes and weaknesses.

*CPU vs Coffee*

Internet Meme
Internet Meme

Lee Sedol can no longer wins AlphaGo

*Arirang News*


“Today is Lee SeDol’s defeat, not the defeat of humanity.” – by Lee Sedol

The matches were livestreamed online on the respective day 9th, 10th, 12th and followed by 13th and 15th of March, 2016. AlphaGo made history and it is the first computer program to be able to defeat a top professional 9-dan in even game!

more reading here:

Regardless, according to ShangHai-Daily , Ke Jie (9p) (current number.1 in had made challenge invitation to Google Deepmind team. Pretty sure many top go players want to challenge AlphaGo (10p?) at this point.


AlphaGo snatched 1 Win from Lee SeDol!

*Man Vs Machine*

alphago vs leesedol

Historic moment between Man vs Machine commenced this afternoon 12pm (9th March, 2016) Four Season Hotel of Seoul. Lee Sedol had previously proclaimed that he could owned Deepmind AlphaGo 5-0 or 4-1 but unfortunately, AlphaGo had just snatched a win from him.

*Commentators from all around the world*

Commentary Livestream

The game will continue to broadcast live from today until the 15th March on Youtube and other livestream such as LeTv.

Regardless, here are list of livestream available:-

Google Deepmind Live (Michael Redmond 9p)

AGA-KGS Live (Kim MyungWan 9p)

Bepo Live (林聖賢 8p)

WeiqiTV (

Bilibili (李源鲲 1p)


乐视体育 (Ke Jie 9p)

将棋チャンネル囲碁 (24世本因坊秀芳/高尾紳路9p)

Professional Hair Rating!

*17th Nongshim Cup 2016*

17th Nongshim Cup
17th Nongshim Cup

The 17th Nongshim Cup (第十七届农心辛拉面杯) ended recently and KeJie won the championship from Lee Sedol. Regardless of the result, The Hair Rating given to all the players are very interesting.

Hairstyle in Go Tournament or rather the overall appearances became an important ‘fashion runway’ in all event as the players are the ‘product’ of showcasing their ‘brands’ from hairs, fashion style, shoes and so on.

All Go players should definitely work on their appearance!

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