*Brunei-Indonesia-Japan Team*

Dinner Time
Dinner Time


The 1st Asian Weiqi Open Championship – Fulda Cup was held in Syuen Hotel at Ipoh,Perak,Malaysia from the 8th December ~ 13th December, 2015.

The event is sponsored/organized by Fulda and GT. Co-organized by Ipoh WeiQi-Yuan and supervised by Malaysia Weiqi Association.

Each country was to dispatch a team of 3 players and a leader:- Jiahui as leader and Xinwen (3-dan), Sid (China 1-dan) & JinQuan (5-kyu).

In the end:
Xinwen got 2 wins out of 6 wins (not doing well-sadness)
Sid got 1 win out of 6 wins (from jinquan)
JinQuan 0 win out of 6 wins

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