*26th World International Amateur Go Championship*



26th World International Amateur Go Championship was held in Tokyo from the 4th December ~ 8th December ,2015 and it was the first time Brunei Darussalam Go Association had dispatched their first pair-go team!

JiaHui (China 1-dan) and Sid (China 1-dan) had enjoyed their Tokyo trip to the every end and achieved 29th of 32nd position.

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Champion Team – JEON YuJin x SONG HongSuk, South Korea
2nd Place Team – Ayaka Oda x Kazumori Nagayo, Kanto Koshinetsu
3rd Place Team – Manami Takeno x Kenta Sakakura, Chugoku

6th Place – HUANG XiaoDi x  ZHANG RongZheng, China

19th Place – P. Aroonphaichitra x N. Taechaamuayvit. Thailand

29th Place – LIM ChaiHui x Siddeq Asmad, Brunei
30th Place – Katherine Isabella x Wmbris Isral, Indonesia

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