*The 10th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship*

SEA representative

[credit to Khanh Binh Do]

The 10th  Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship was held from the 22nd November ~ 27th November, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

One of Brunei’s best player, Stefan MAH (China 2-dan) who had competed in the event achieved his best result of 3-wins out of 7-games, positioned him at 31st place out of 52nd. He even got special awarded for being the 2nd place!

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Champion – HU YuQing, China
2nd Place – KIM Heesu, Korea
3rd Place – Christian Pop, Romania
4th Place – Eric Lui, USA
5th Place Shinichiro, Japan
6th Place – Cheuk Leun, Hong Kong
7th Place – Nuttakrit Taechaamnuayvit, Thailand

9th Place – Khanh Binh Do, Vietnam

15th Place – Daniel Thalib, Indonesia

28th Place – Reaqiu L. Malaysia

31st Place – Stefan MAH, Brunei

38th Place – Rong Yao, Singapore


Stefan MAH’s award
Result Board