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JiaHui vs ChangXin
JiaHui vs ChangXin

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The 11th China Nanning ASEAN Weiqi International Invitational Tournament  (第十一届中国南宁—东盟围棋国际邀请) which was held in the city of Nanning, Guangxi, China from 25th October ~ 30th October, 2015 ended successfully.

Our best female player, Jiahui (china 1-dan) had made her best performance in her solo-debut in Female Division earning her 2-wins out of 6-wins, result the standing of 13th out of 16th position.

On the other hand, Sid (china 1-dan) who had been several International Tournament had bested his result to 3-wins out of 7 games, positioned him at 27th place out of 32.

Lastly, Ray (5-kyu) who had been promoted from 8-kyu, had made tremendous effort considering this is his first Individual International after the Thai-University Go Tournament 2014, achieving 3-wins out of 7 games, positioned himself at 26th place out of 32.

Regardless, the team had put in their best effort and may this International Tournament enlighten them to be better for next year.


Men’s Result
Champion – Nuttakrit Taechaamnuayvit, Thailand
2nd Place – CHEN Chan-Yan, Taiwan
3rd Place – ZHEN Hao-Zhi, Hong Kong
4th Place – HUANG Ai-Lun, Macau
5th Place – GAO Ning, Guangxi

16th Place – 
Le Mai Duy, Vietnam

12rd Place – Xi Yue, Singapore
14th Place – James LEE, Singapore
15th Place  – Alex CHAN, Malaysia
16th Place – LOW Rea Qiu, Malaysia

23rd Place – Agus Ramadian Bahar, Indonesia
25th Place – Handy Bunawan, Indonesia
26th Place – Raymeerull Rajama, Brunei
27th Place – Siddeq Asmad, Brunei

29th Place – Tan Bee Giok, the Philippines

Country’s Result
Champion – 
Hong Kong
2nd Place – Taiwan
3rd Place – Macau

Female’s Result
Champion – YANG Zi-Xuan, Taiwan
2nd Place – ZHONG Hui-Yi, Hong Kong
3rd Place – ZHANG Hui, Nanning
4th Place – CHEN XinRui, USA LA
5th Place – Dawn SUM, Singapore

11th Place – CHANG Xin, Malaysia
12th Place – Harfina, Indonesia
13th Place – LIM Chai-Hui, Brunei