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Weekly Go Session
Weekly Go Session

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The Association actually would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staffs and Mr.Rani of Capital Residence Suite for allowing Brunei Darussalam Go Association to use the cafeteria every Saturday night! For everyone who is following this blog would already noticed that the Association has been busy with the proposal of 2016 South East Asia Go Championship but Xinwen promise you that this blog is never going inactive.

The blog will be busy updating when Brunei players competing in International Go Tournaments:-

1) 11th Nanning Guangxi International Weiqi Tournament from 25th ~ 30th October.
Players:- JiaHui (1dan), Sid (1dan), Ray (8kyu)
2) 10th Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship from 22nd ~ 27th November.
Player:- ZheFan (2dan)
3) 26th International Amateur Pair Go Tournament from 4th ~ 8th December.
Players:- JiaHui (1dan), Sid (1dan)
4) 1st Ipoh Fulda Asian Weiqi Championship from 8th ~ 13th December.
Leader: JiaHui (1dan)
Players:- Xinwen (4dan), Sid (1dan) and JinQuan (5kyu)

According to TripadvisorCapital Residence Suite is ranked the #1 out of #20 hotels in Bandar Seri Begawan. They do not have a lot of luxurious facilities like Empire Hotel & Country Club but services provided by Capital Residence Suite is impeccable with lovely staffs and spacious room with you are staying with 5 pax or above.

Regardless to check out Tripadvisor for more information about the hotel.

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Go Meet Session
Go Meet Session