*Happy New Year 2015*

Happy New Year 2015
Happy New Year 2015


The year of 2014 was definitely one of the greatest victories and a milestone. I am grateful to announce, the Association is prepared for any International scene but not fully equipped though.

Nevertheless, I thought everyone in the Association had done a great job fulfilling the tasks and mission. The International Go Tournament was not achieving satisfactory performance and still ranked Brunei one of the weakest again in South East Asia.

1) Thankful to Capital Residence Suite:
We have managed to get a place for all existing players to meet every Saturday Night at the cafeteria of Capital Residence Suite. Really grateful!

Thus, I have started arranging series of lessons for the players to level-up and to reach solid dan!

Regular Saturday Night Meet-up
Regular Saturday Night Meet-up

2) Learning from incident:

It was very very unfortunate to say, my last event “The 1st Brunei International Invitational Go Tournament” had cost a life. This had left a unforgettable impact in everyone even me; everyone of us there had done their best and donated their best amount to the family. Chai Hui and I had personally visited the family in Kuala Lumpur and talked about it.

Regardless…Brunei Darussalam Go Association had also learned from this dreadful experience and had discussed with Malaysia Go Association to conduct a strict safety precaution to the next International Invitational event which was agreed to be held in 2016.

3) Recruitment Strategy:

This has always been the greatest challenge ever since most of the existing players got graduated. The Association seriously need to “raid” some of the Brunei high-schools to promote and introduce the game of Go. Currently the Association’s advantage is having a meet-up place already in Capital Residence Suite!

4) Be Professional:

It is true that the Association has not been very professionally performed in organising and administrative works. This is very painful to deal with; as existing members started to have their own commitment and they could not spare an hour or two-hours in the Association or the game..!