*Go Seigen*

Go Seigen
Go Seigen

[credit: lasindias.com]


We would have thought it was the greatest year but it also became the saddest good-bye to one of the greatest Go Master, Go Seigen (吳清源) Who passed away at the age of 100 on 30th November, 2014.

I left with the deepest disappointment; I could have hold his hand and met him with my own eyes in Singapore – but i chose to stay at Kuala Lumpur that week (what a fool I am! What a fool!)

Go Seigen was a sensei and inspiration to the modern go era. He had shown the world a new possibility in the game of Go. He was also one of the greatest go player to be studied by all Go enthusiasts..

Good-bye吴清源大师,a prodigy thought to be Honinbo Shusaku’s reincarnate.

*The Go Master, story of Go Seigen*


Please get the film, featuring Go Seigen’s past life.