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HuiYee vs Belarus
HuiYee vs Belarus


The 9th Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship had just adjourned on the 23rd September, 2014. It was definitely a great experience for everyone especially Hui Yee who had made her debut in this world championship. It is however the host Association did not fully sponsor the event making a drop from 60s to 52 countries only this year.

There were many notable players in tournament such as: Taewoong Wei of Korea (who got 2nd during the WAGC) HU YuQing from China, Sebastian Mualim from Indonesia, Wan Kao of Macau and Andrew Kay of United Kingdom.

Regardless, Hui Yee had shown her great fighting spirit against all the foes she against earning herself 1 win.

1st – Tae-woong WEI (Korea)
2nd – YuQing HU (China)
3rd – Vorawat TANAPATSOPOL (Thailand)
4th – Yoshiyuki TSUCHIMUNE (Japan)
5th – Benjamin LOCKHART (USA)
6th – Lukas PODPERA (Czech Republic)
7th – Emil Estuardo GARCIA BUSTAMANTE (Mexico)
8th – Cheng Jiun JUANG (Chinese Taipei)
9th – Dmitry SURIN (Russia)
10th – Jiarui ZHAO (Hong Kong)
– Alvin Ng Yong Han (Singapore)

17th – WanKao Lou (Macau)
18th – Jimmy Khai Yong CHENG(Malaysia)

32nd – Sebastian MUALIM (Indonesia)

51st – Hui Yee SUNG (Brunei)


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