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Against Mongolia
Against Mongolia at Final Round


The 35th World Amateur Go Championship was hosted in Gyeongju of South Korea on the 4th July to the 11th July, 2014 with our player: HoSoon fighting his best in the 8-rounds competition. To whatever reason our players failed to bring up good performance in the tournament earned only 1-win.

Nevertheless, the results are as followed with Taiwan to win the tournament the first time in the history of World Amateur Go Championship!

1st – Yi-Tien CHAN (Taiwan)
2nd – Tae-woong WEI (Korea)
3rd – Wang RUORAN (China)
4th – Nai San CHAN (Hong Kong)
5th – Bogdan ZHURAKOVSKYI (Ukraine)
6th – Lukas PODPERA (Czech Republic)
7th – Dmitri SURIN (Russia)
8th – Fredrik BLOMBACK (Sweden)
9th – Kiko EMURA (Japan)

11th – Jia Cheng (Singapore)

14th – Tiawattananont THANAPOL (Thailand)

20th – Suzanne D’BEL (Malaysia)

25th – Rafif Shidqi FITRAH (Indonesia)

53rd – Ho Soon (Brunei)

*Our Leader is being featured in Ranka!*

President of Brunei Darussalam Go Association
President of Brunei Darussalam Go Association

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*Some Pictures*

our player!
our player!
With Cho HunHyun
With Cho HunHyun

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