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June 2014

Happy 100th Birthday to Go Seigen (吳清源)!

*Go Seigen*

Go Seigen (credit to Zhang Jingna)
Go Seigen (credit to Zhang Jingna)


One of the most favourited and greatest Professional Go Player of all time has just turned into 100 years old! Can you imagine that!?

He who had changed the conventional style of play of ours into a modern fuseki along with kitani minoru (木谷 実)!

Lets us not forget to enjoy our game of Go and for more information about him, please visit

Please support the Brunei Darussalam Go Association by joining us at

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Training Camp | Introduction to Go 2014

*Training Camp | Go Workshop*

Training Camp 2014
Training Camp 2014

Game of Go song in the 80s!

*Chris Linn


Have everyone heard of the game of Go song by Chris Linn back in the 80s? Listen to it now then! Never knew there was actually a song about Go written by a singer


In memories of Honinbo Shusaku 185th


Today [6th of June] marks the 185th birthday of Honinbo Shusaku (本因坊秀策). The image is shown at the google search itself other than brunei’s google search for whatever lousy reason (which they have never celebrated anything).

Proud to be part of the big world of Go’s family. Enjoy and remember to play Shusaku Fuseki to commemorate the legendary player!

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