Happy New Year 2014
Happy New Year 2014


The Year 2013 was considerably fulfilling; many of unexpected guests and gifts bestowed upon the Association. Regardless, I still have to review my resolution from the previous years.

1) Reach solid 5-dan
I had pledged to not training go myself, its been hard to achieve the levels but on the contrary, my International Tournament’s result is satisfying although some games that I had lost were disappointing.

2) More Dan-Level in Brunei
Currently including me there are total of 7 players with dan’s levels which is quite fortunate because there are few people from China highly interested in joining the Association such as Jacky Yin and Michael Chen. I have the confident to also recruit the Mr.Ren, a teacher from CHMS as well to join us.

3) More female players
Although our Association’s sub-team has recruited few female members but they are from the “sub” not from the main. The main Association’s team may still need to work harder. Frankly, because female players are sometimes required to join event such as World Amateur Pair Go Tournament or other tournaments with requirement of female individual or team.

4) More Single-digit kyu players
Quite pleased with some active players such as Javian, Jin Quan, Afiq and Haw Lin who been supporting and keeping it up. Good news is most of the Association members are at Single-Digit Kyu!

5) More demonstration
Not much of demonstration this year, the Association has promised to organise more the following years!

6) More organising team
This wasn’t the big deal as long as we have the dedicated team

7) Logo Competition
Logo’s problem is always there….nah.. leave it aside first

8) Need more recruitment
I’m delighted as we getting more from sub-team though but I have the feeling we getting more next year.

9) Set up more active go clubs
The Association may be not going to set up clubs. But there will be classes going on soon to fund the Association and to train seeds!

10) Improvement the level of performance
This is rather disappointing, because Brunei Team has not been doing well in any tournaments internationally (other than me haha). They really got to review it themselves!

11) Funding for the Association
The Association slowly finds its way to fund the Association,the target of 2016 South East Asia Weiqi Tournament in Brunei!


Well the lists above are basically what the Association should be doing for the following years. They may be the resolution for the Association but they are my resolution which i hope to see something I build from zero to something. You know the feeling when you see it blooming, growing congregate with bunch of people!

How many years had it been gone by since I started all of this? 2014 will be the 11th years if i am not mistaken. Yes, it all started when I was at the age of 16, I hate it when I am aging. Did i waste my teenage’s life on this? May be I should have turned all of this to business since that age, probably one of the wealthiest person already in Brunei? hahah who knows.

Last but not least, Happy New Year to everyone :)

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