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October 2013

Appearing in news article!

Chinese Cultural Day appearance
Chinese Cultural Day appearance


The picture appeared on the SinChew Daily News Brunei of course under the heading of the Chinese Cultural Day. It was very fortunate the Association could get featured on a picture itself even though the cover and the writings did not mention anything about Brunei Darussalam Go Association.


Chinese Cultural Day in UBD, IHS

*Chinese Cultural Day*

Chinese Cultural Day
Chinese Cultural Day


The Chinese Cultural Day will be held on the 30th October, 2013 shortly from afternoon 2pm at IHS of University Brunei Darussalam and of course Xinwen on behalf of Brunei Darussalam Go Association with his fellow members will be there!

Xinwen will be the presenter for the Weiqi Session!

Please do attend and support !

ZheFan made his debut to the 8th Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship!

ZheFan his first round
ZheFan his first round Edgar Escobar – Thompson


ZheFan, as one of the best players of Brunei Darussalam had stepped into the top-class Korea Prime Minister Baduk Championship representing the nation this year! The tournament was commencing from the 10th to the 15th October, 2013.

The tournament is hosted in Gumi, North Gyeongsang this year; one of the best thing about this particular event is they host their competition at different places every year!

Nevertheless, the players had to compete 6 games in two days. ZheFan had his best shot against all his opponents and scored 2 wins (54th out of 62nd).

*Pictures taken from ZheFan facebook*

Framed picture of ZheFan as souvenir
Framed picture of ZheFan as souvenir
Side by Side with Kghin (KGS)
Side by Side with Kghin (KGS)
Group Picture with gangs
Group Picture with gangs

for more information please visit and support the association at

Champion – Jae-Geun Park, South Korea
2nd place – Li Fu, China
3rd place – Bill Lin, Canada
4th place – Chan Chi-Hin, Hong Kong
5th place – Kikou Emura, Japan
6th place – Ilja Shikshin, Russia
7th place – Shin-Wei Lin, Taiwan

9th place – Nuttakrit Taechaamnuayvit, Thailand

11th place – Ondrej Silt, Czech Republic

22nd Place – Edwin Halim, Indonesia
25th Place – Yue YiFei, Singapore

32nd Place – Waqiyuddin Mohd-Zaid, Malaysia

54th Place – Mah ZheFan, Brunei

58th Place – Celeste Abat, the Philippines

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