*Sid Miller making his debut!*

Sid with Takemiya Masaki
Sid with Takemiya Masaki


The 34th World Amateur Go Championship was commencing from the 31st August to the 5th September, 2013 in Sendai, Japan.

Nevertheless, this was the first time Brunei Darussalam Go Association sent a representative to Japan for this World-Class Tournament, and Sid Miller had also made his debut in this event.

Regardless, there were many known players from other countries such as Hu YuQing from China, Tan JiaCheng from Singapore, Suzzane from Malaysia, Ondrej Silt from Czeh, Ngoc Cuong Nguyen from Luxembourg, Sebastian Mualim from Indonesia and Mario Miguel Aguero Obando from Costa Rica  and many more!

The competition is really tough, many of the friends did not achieve their satisfying result:

1st  Hyunjae Choi (full scores)
2nd Hu YuQing (China)
3rd Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine)
4th Ilya Shikshin (Russia)

8th Kikou Emura (Japan)

18th Ondrej Silt (Czeh)

22nd Tan JiaCheng (Singapore)
24th Andrew Kay (United Kingdom)

34th Sebastian Mualim (Indonesia)

42nd Suzanne D’Bel Low Khin Su (Malaysia)
43rd Ngoc Cuong Nguyen (Luxembuorg)

50th John Erickson Javier (Philippines)
52nd Mario Miguel Aguero Obando (Costa Rica)
54th Asmad Muhammad Haziq Siddeq Bin (Brunei)

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By  the Mongolian Go Association
By the Mongolian Go Association
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More Picture