*first official uniform (sample)*

Original Black Design
Original Black Design
Original White design
Original White design

[Design by Xinwen]

[Quotes are written Jayden Sia and Zhe Fan]


This is the updated design from the previous post, I have removed the quotes contributors and simplified the White’s design but keeping the essence of “intense fight”.

One piece of the Polo T is cost B$28.00 (USD23.00), and buying in pair will be B$50.00 (USD41.00).

Early bird reservation with “name tag” on the sleeve will be charging B$25.00 (USD21.00).

Other than that, whoever making major contribution towards the Association and the upcoming workshop will receive the Polo T for free.

Last but not least, special thanks to Ben from Miri for getting the design printing in June!

More importantly:

The proposing date for the Second District Workshop will be changed to 29th June to the 6th July until further notice.

There will be one-day Go competition Open on the 16th of June (Sunday) and with special guest 4-dan from singapore!

Please contact Xinwen if you are interested to come over Brunei to volunteer and help! The Association will cover your trips and refreshment, probably accommodation too (if you’re coming in few).

To know more about the event please join http://facebook.com/groups/BruneiGo