*first official uniform (sample)*

Prototype Design 1
Prototype Design 1
Prototype Design 2
Prototype Design 2

[Design by Xinwen]

[Quotes are written Jayden Sia and Zhe Fan]


As the teaser posted previously at here regarding the upcoming event of the year “Second District Workshop“, the Association has decided to introduce the first official Uniform Polo T.

The Polo T will be available in late June or early July for contributing members, organizing committee and sponsors for the workshop to wear.

Nonetheless, T-shirt (for non-BDGA members) will be put up on sales too to world wide and public who willing to show their supports to our young Go Association.

Last but not least, the proposed date for the Second District Workshop will be held from the 4th of July to the 13th of July. Please contact Xinwen if you are interested to come over Brunei to volunteer and help! The Association will cover your trips and refreshment, probably accommodation too (if you’re coming in few).

To know more about the event please join http://facebook.com/groups/BruneiGo

To know more about the previous workshops:-